Affiliate Marketing – the Best Way to Get FX Leads

Good leads are the result of a quality campaign targeted at a quality audience

The financial health of your Forex brokerage lies largely on the ability to acquire new traders and retain existing ones, so getting creative with your acquisition and retention marketing practices is crucial to your survival.

It should come as a given that qualified leads are the result of a quality campaign targeted at a quality audience.

So how do I get quality leads?

You can certainly set up a robust marketing department to write and publish a series of blog posts and industry articles. You can use SEO optimization to target the right audience, and retarget those who visit your website.

You can build account-based marketing materials, create infographics, videos, social media posts and quizzes, white papers and webinars. You can allocate a big chunk of your advertising budget to Google AdWords. Heck, you can even work with influencers to encourage them to read and share your tweets and posts.

Or… you can invest your marketing funds in affiliate marketing. In the world of lead generation, affiliate marketers are the crucial link in the chain that connects the supply side to the demand side. Affiliates make all the marketing efforts we mentioned above, while also acting as matchmakers, pairing the right leads to the most suitable buyer.

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Maya Kenner-Fitoussi, Head of Marketing at Leverate

“Affiliate marketing has become a must-have for Forex brands in recent years”, says Maya Kenner-Fitoussi, Head of Marketing at Leverate, a leading brokerage solutions provider. “One cannot imagine an effective lead generating operation in the FX world without a proper affiliate network that streams the most fitting traffic to the broker’s website”.

How do I choose the right affiliate network? 

Whether it’s based on CPA or CPL, making the best affiliate marketing deal is key to getting high quality Forex leads that will convert into high-depositing and loyal traders. A good affiliatenetwork can make all the difference in your ROI.

On the supply side, different lead generators use different funnels to attract different types of leads. The best affiliate managers are those that have the right connections in the industry, and know how to match each source to the right client. Expert affiliates are always attentive to their clients’ work style, they know how to characterize their clients’ needs, and they have the right understanding of what funnel will work best for each client.

It’s a case of constant experimentation – testing different funnels from different lead generators, while always adjusting the targeting, the content, and the flow, on the move, in conjunction with the broker. For this reason, good affiliate marketing rests on a good personal relationship between broker and affiliate manager.

forex leads
Lior Oestereich, Affiliate Network Manager at Leverate

“It’s extremely important to research potential affiliates before doing business with them, and check their conversion rates – the higher, the better”, says Lior Oestereich, Affiliate Network Manager at Leverate, who runs the TrafficGen affiliation package.

“Our TrafficGen offering guarantees outstanding results using extensive connections – we are linked to more than 25 publishers, through which we generate all types of live traffic and specialize in a broad range of native GEOs. This worldwide coverage opens the door for brokerages to extend their reach to new and promising markets”.

With the cost and competitiveness involved in lead generation becoming a major concern for many retail brokers as they try to differentiate themselves from an ocean of similar businesses, choosing a good and reputable affiliate is key.

“Good affiliation can provide tremendous ROI for your business”, says Lior. “It can increase your online traffic, boost your acquisition and conversion, and grow your total revenue.

Simply put: it should be on any broker’s agenda. I think the most significant qualities that TrafficGen offers above all else, are personal approach and experience. It is a tailor-made service, that we can fit to any type of brokerage, and I’m always with my finger on the pulse to see that the client’s demands are met. On top of that, after more than 10 years in the business, and with millions of dollars in customer LTV under our belt, I can safely say that our leads convert better”.

All things considered, expensive and elaborate ways to attract leads will always come and go. But as far as effective and efficient lead generation goes, there is no substitute to a proven, time-tested affiliate marketing program.

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