ADA Finance in Consortium with BitDegree Announces Haskell Academy Program

The aim behind this MoU is to educate and accelerate the building of DApps on the Cardano blockchain.

Cross-Dual-Chain DeFi ecosystem, ADA Finance, has announced the Haskell Academy Program alongside blockchain-backed education leader BitDegree.

The aim behind this memorandum of understanding is to educate, and accelerate the building of decentralized applications [DApps] on the Cardano blockchain.

Teaming up with leading blockchain education provider BitDegree, ADA Finance will offer in-depth training to 20 Haskell academists while creating awareness for Cardano blockchain development.

Following in the footsteps of Emurgo and IOHK, whose respective programs looked to have paved the way for developers to build and launch DApps on the Cardano ecosystem, the Haskell Academy Program will act as a catalyst to the growth of the blockchain network.

Haskell Academy Program Bridges the Gap

Haskell is a unique and highly functional coding language that offers an unprecedented advantage for superior and safer blockchain development in conjunction with the nascent billion-dollar crypto trend, decentralized finance.

On the flip side however, it is arguably the hardest programming language to master. Additionally, sourcing for developers that have completed the Plutus Pioneer Program to develop on the Cardano network has become a herculean task.

Aimed at bridging the existing gap, Haskell Academy will offer free coaching and intuition to develop fully on Cardano.

The Haskell Academy program will aid in building a strong ecosystem while providing an innovative and sustainable base for future smart contract development and subsequently, the proliferation of the Cardano ecosystem.

All Haskell Academy graduates will be duly certified by BitDegree, and may receive a paid internship at ADA Finance or become partners of the Haskell Academy program.

This would Offer them a one-in-a-life-time opportunity to be involved in one of the world’s top moonshots.

Built on both the Cardano and Avalanche blockchains, ADA Finance leverages the latter as an extra layer of security while bypassing the early-stage congestion on the Cardano ecosystem.

Prioritizing security, the Cross-Dual-Chain platform alleviates potential industry interoperability issues, protects the users, as well as the ADAFI ecosystem.

Dubbed as one of the most innovative projects in the DeFi space, ADA Finance allows users to choose which blockchain they will run in the ADAFI ecosystem.

Incentivizing users, ADA Finance currently offers three referral programs, optimizing passive income-earning opportunities.

That’s not all, ADAFI will introduce advanced DeFI features to further enable users to maximize rewards.

“Best DeFi of the Year” — AIBS Summit

A leading nominee for the famous “Best DeFi of the Year” category at the AIBS Summit — the prestigious blockchain, AI, and emerging tech event in Europe — this cross-dual platform is already receiving recognition for its pioneering work in the burgeoning decentralized finance market.

Also nominated for this award alongside ADA Finance are community-focused DeFi token, Safemoon, and DPoS + PoW hybrid platform, ABEYFoundation.

The prestigious award has previously gone to outstanding projects such as the widely-used Ethereum-based protocol MakerDAO, and AI-powered DeFi portfolio project SingularityDAO

Dedicated to the most outstanding project of the year, this notable award has previously been won by some of the widely used platforms like Etbereum-based MakerDAO and decentralized finance portfolio project, SingularityDAO.

Scheduled to take place in Malta from November 15-19, 2021, the AIBS Summit is perhaps the biggest event on the crypto calendar, and is sure to draw the attention of all the big players in DeFi, and the entire blockchain space.

Offering three distinct products — ADAFI Launchpad, ADAFI Swap, and Derivatives, ADA Finance is cementing its stance as one of the leading and innovative platforms in the DeFi space.

With smart contracts set to be deployed on the Cardano main net, ADA Finance has proven to be a major contributor to the growth of the Cardano ecosystem as well as the increasing demand for Haskell developers.

The development of the Haskell Academy Program has the potential to top-off what has been a year full of exciting developments for the Cardano ecosystem as it sets up to launch the first-ever Cardano-based smart contracts.

If all goes according to plan, countless Ethereum-built DeFi applications will become compatible with Cardano, pushing ADA Finance, and the ecosystem to the forefront of global smart contracts for years to come.

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