Geneva Energy Markets Deploys StreamBase for Oil Futures Trading

StreamBase Systems  announces that Geneva Energy Markets, LLC (GEM), one of the leading oil traders in the world, has deployed

streambase_website_sized1StreamBase Systems  announces that Geneva Energy Markets, LLC (GEM), one of the leading oil traders in the world, has deployed StreamBase for their automated trading infrastructure. The system helps GEM monitor, analyze and act on hundreds of thousands of trading opportunities every day, and has led to one of its most profitable trading periods in its history.

GEM uses StreamBase to continuously evaluate hundreds of thousands of oil futures trading opportunities every day by correlating, for example, heating oil prices in New York, gasoline in Europe, West Texas Intermediate crude oil, and more. Based on GEM’s trading algorithms, the system evaluates hundreds of thousands of combinations in parallel a day, decides how much the opportunity is worth, and acts, in milliseconds. The automated system executes pre-defined strategies electronically, and alerts traders of “high touch” opportunities for manual trading attention. This balance of manual and automated trading gives GEM a safe and efficient trading process.

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“Our StreamBase-based system helps us strike the balance between automated trading and manual trading,” said Mark Vonderheide, Managing Partner, GEM. “We started with a vision to automate based on CEP in the fall of 2009, and StreamBase has not only met, but exceeded our expectations on what we wanted to achieve. The development environment has helped us get our applications into market quickly, and, just as important, the company has stood by us all the way as a partner, something that you don’t see with many software companies today.”

“Today’s enterprise data is constantly in motion – the better you process that data, the better your results,” said Mark Palmer, CEO of StreamBase. “Geneva Energy Markets is a great example of a firm that uses StreamBase to continuously correlate real-time conditions, and act in real time. Together with our partner, Trading Technologies, we think the oil swaps market is a prime opportunity for CEP-based innovation.”

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