ChartIQ Launches Thomson Reuters Eikon App

ChartIQ has become the latest addition to the Thomson Reuters Eikon universe of integrated apps.

One of the leading providers of HTM5 charting solutions for a variety of institutions and traders has announced that it is launching a new app to be used within the Thomson Reuters Eikon product suite.

Aiming to diversify the availability of tailored solutions for different sorts of institutions and traders, Thomson Reuters has allowed third party developers to integrate their own solutions and build an ecosystem.

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With the integration of their party applications, Thomson Reuters Eikon is aiming to increase its competitiveness against its primary rival in the space, the Bloomberg Terminal platform.

With over 320,000 subscribers, the Bloomberg Terminal financial professionals service opened its doors to third party app developers back in November 2012. Three years later Thomson Reuters has done the same, but in a different fashion.

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While Bloomberg is aiming to get a tighter grip over the solutions offered on the market, Thomson Reuters has a more open approach towards the ecosystem it provides. Less than three months have passed since the announcement that Eikon will begin supporting third party apps in October last year.

Due to the open approach by Thomson Reuters and the flexibility of the technological solution by ChartIQ, the company took less than three months to come up with an integrated solution. The charting package delivers a very high performance and offers access to over 100 technical indicators and drawing tools.

Commenting on the announcement, the CEO of ChartIQ, Dan Schleifer, said: “Traders and investment professionals can now leverage the rich set of real-time and historical data available in Eikon, with ChartIQ’s advanced charting and visualization features for better pre-trade analysis and decision support.”

“The addition of ChartIQ to the growing list of third party apps in Eikon further demonstrates the trend in our industry towards open, collaborative systems as the drivers of future success,” added the Global Head of Desktop at Thomson Reuters, Albert Lojko.

Financial industry professionals who are using Eikon can sign up for a free 60-day trial of ChartIQ’s charting solution.

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