An Automatic Choice: Customer Engagement Solutions

The cliché "time is money" has an augmented importance in the forex industry, where customer handling tools became a sought

There is a very well-worn cliché which has been commonly used to emphasize the importance of time management and efficiency in modern business. This phrase is “time is money”. As unpleasant as that may sound, there is an element of reality in it. In the case of online trading, it may certainly be a poignant and appropriate description.

The use of customer engagement tools has become reasonably widespread within the forex industry, its application ranging from use as a means of handling customer service inquiries from existing clients to marketing purposes including lead generation. We’ve examined these tools thoroughly in our latest Q1 2013 industry report, and managed to point out some of the the most important components of this trend and its characteristics.

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Appearing on the market in 2008, automated chat solutions have become attractive options to improve website marketing. Most of these solutions are based on simple technology and focus primarily on reducing exit-traffic. However, in the past two years a new trend is emerging which puts the emphasis on the user-experience. Many companies are looking for a chat service that can focus on lead generation, sales and support while simultaneously providing highquality chats at low operational costs. Some solutions combine high technology and capabilities which translate to a better user experience and smooth chat flows.

Nowadays it is important to understand that automation on its own is not always a sufficient way to provide good service; instead sophisticated technology is necessary to answer complicated questions, chat in a natural way, and provide a good user-experience.

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Among several firms we examined, we took a close look at VirtualPerson. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Founded in 2008 by three entrepreneurs as a student collaboration, VirtualPerson entered the market as TA Vision. With educational backgrounds based on marketing, computer programming and engineering, along with business the trio drew on these disciplines to create their offering. The company’s AEI program was designed to simulate human emotions and therefore improve interpersonal skills. Called ‘Jenny’, the end user experience was intended to be more personalized.

VirtualPersonA chat engine called VirtualPerson was then developed using an algorithm in the same year. purchased VirtualPerson in 2012. The company believes that its forte is in adding efficiency to its clients’ marketing efforts. The VP Lead Generator (LG) is a new effective and efficient way to build relationships with potential traders. The VP LG is designed to proactively engage visitors to websites, where it then receives feedback, collects visitors’ details, and captures lost leads.

This functionality is attributable to the company’s sophisticated Artificial Intelligence algorithm which enables the Virtual Person to generate leads from visitors through automated chat. The VirtualPerson software can pop up on exit, be launched by a timer, or activate when a user clicks a widget on the side of the screen.

To read the full article, along with market data and detailed reviews about other leading companies in the field, such as LivePerson and NanoRep, get the full report.

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