Velocimetrics Unveils Algorithmic Testing Module, mdPlay

mdPlay will allow for testing of new and enhanced trading systems and algorithms for subscribers.

Velocimetrics, a provider of real-time business flow tracking and performance analysis solutions, has launched its mdPlay service for users, which helps enable subscribers to revisit and analyze the multilateral flow of their market data during any given trading period, per a recent Velocimetrics statement.

Velocimetrics’ mdPlay essentially allows for testing of new and enhanced trading systems and algorithms. More specifically, this helps users re-experience, in a pre-production environment or vacuum, specific market data that is both sent or received during trading periods.

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mdPlay is important to groups as it helps to help trading entities or firms to resolve trading issues, thereby reducing the possibility of trading systems or algorithms responding in an unintended fashion to potentially volatile market conditions. The past two years have seen a number of convulsive stimuli affect financial markets, i.e. the Swiss National Bank crisis and the Brexit fallout. Crisper analysis and better preparation of market data can help mitigate unwanted repercussions from trading.

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Moreover, mdPlay also caters to a variety of investment firms that are seeking to minimize any potential trading losses that are also compatible with MiFID II’s algorithmic testing requirements. Looking over the specific benefits, mdPlay users and subscribers will be able to capture every single market data stream present in their respective environment. This means that all data garnered across any trading period can be systematically stored and made available for replay with a +/-20 nanosecond precision.

Steve Colwill, Velocimetrics, CEO
Steve Colwill, Velocimetrics, CEO

According to Velocimetrics’ CEO Steve Colwill in a recent statement on the launch of mdPlay: “These days, automated trading decisions are made in small fractions of a second, but software-only capture replay solutions cannot replicate the true timing subtleties of fast moving markets. Our mdPlay solution can be up and running within a matter of hours, enabling replay of a precise replica of the market conditions experienced during any given trading period.”

“Because the data is replayed with +/-20 nanosecond precision, testing teams can dramatically increase the accuracy and effectiveness of functional and load testing practices. Therefore, when algorithms and their supporting components are released into production our customers can have a higher degree of confidence in their behaviour, resulting in fewer production problems and more profitable trading,” he added.

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