Nasdaq Reports a Solid Surge in the US Matched Equity Volume for June

The figures for the second quarter of 2021 were released in the report.

Nasdaq (Nasdaq: NDAQ) reported on Monday its monthly volumes for June, highlighting a surge for equity derivative markets compared with May. According to the report released on their website, the figure reached 286 million contracts in US equity options volume, which is up from the number posted last month of 247. For the European options and futures volume, numbers showed that it hit 5.7 million in June, which is up with the number tested in May of 5.3 million.

Moving onto the cash equities markets, the US matched equity volume for June was 42,389 million of shares traded, representing a significant surge from May’s figure of 36,467. However, that was not the case for the European equity volume, which experienced a decline in the month, hitting $96.3 billion, which is down from the number hit in May of $100.8 billion.

Furthermore, the US fixed income volume witnessed a positive number of $603 billion traded, which is up from May’s result of $566 billion. Also, the European fixed income saw 3.3 million contracts traded for the month, which represented another surge compared with the previous month’s number of 2.5 million contracts.

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Nasdaq Q2 2021 Figures

About the quarterly figures, the second quarter of 2021 experienced a decline compared with Q1 of 2021 in terms of market share for equity derivatives in the US equity options, as it hit 35.9%, which is down from the previous figure of 36.5%. Also, the volume was 782 mm of contracts traded, which represented another decline compared to the Q2 number of 892 mm.

In the report of May, European fixed income in Nasdaq did not present a bearish trend over the same period as it saw 2.5 million contracts traded, compared to the 1.5 million contracts witnessed in April. Still, from the figures mentioned above, the only one underperforming compared to the same period last year was the US matched equity volume, which posted 40,213 million shares in May 2020.

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