Click365’s FX Futures Volume Rebounds Slightly in November

FX Futures contracts have continued to lag well behind their 2016 counterparts with volatility weighing volumes.

The Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX) has just reported its aggregated trading volumes for the month ending November 2017. The exchange saw a slight rebound off of last month, namely in terms of FX Futures contracts traded by Click365, with trading volatility in the FX space still seemingly hard to come by heading into the end of the year.

2017 for the most part has been dictated by isolated pockets of volatility with FX daily futures contracts being subject to periodic swings. November saw a steady rebound off of what had been a rather uneventful month prior. FX contracts continued to lag well behind their 2016 counterparts however, despite the slight rise on a monthly basis.

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Click365 trading composition

Looking Click365’s November 2017 metrics, a total of 2,314,572 FX futures contracts changed hands, indicating a change of 6.6 percent month-over-month from 2,171,407 contracts in October 2017. The figure snapped a concurrent downtrend in recent months, with November’s FX futures reading still lagging behind earlier months this year.

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Of note, after suffering a sizable decline of USD/JPY FX futures contracts last month, Click365’s November figure in this instrument did see a tepid recovery of 2.4 percent on a monthly basis. This was helped by a steady erosion and movement of the USD, which breathed life into the currency pair. A total of 32,910 contracts of USD/JPY FX futures traded hands each day in November as well.

On a yearly basis, the comparisons in November looked far lower however. In terms of Click365’s total FX futures volume in November 2017, this figure lagged behind its 2016 counterpart by 50.8 percent. This has been the case for nearly every month of 2017 with volumes unable to pick up last year’s pace.

JPY trading is also down extensively relative to 2016. November 2017’s USD/JPY FX Futures contracts were lower by a margin of 62.2 percent year-over-year. FX futures trading were down across the board for all instruments in November on a yearly basis with the exception of the TRY/JPY, which rose 5.7 percent relative to 2016.

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