E*TRADE’s StreetWise Survey Finds Investor Confidence as Essential Attribute

Investors of most ages favored confidence and peace of mind in the latest survey from StreetWise.

E*TRADE Financial Corporation (NASDAQ:ETFC) has released the results of its latest quarterly tracking study, StreetWise, which surveys experienced investors across the United States. The latest study found that the majority of survey participants found ease of use as both the biggest driver of satisfaction as well as the most important attribute of an online investing experience.

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Many individuals have different opinions on what constitutes ease of use or levels of experience for that matter. The StreetWise report delved deeper into the idea, asking a host of questions about what this idea really meant for retail investors as well as what individuals wanted from a digital experience, and how they want to feel when using it.

Confidence and Peace of Mind

The final results of the survey showed that confidence and peace of mind were the single most important feelings for investors of all ages, though emotional drivers also shift across the generations. In particular, almost 66% of investors indicated they want to feel confident more than any other emotion when using an online investing tool.

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In addition, over 50% of respondents surveyed were actively looking for peace of mind in their experience with online tools. For baby boomers in the US who are on the precipice of retirement, confidence is even more of a virtue, with 75% of respondents viewing it as the most important emotion.

Millennials are slightly less apt to focus on investing confidence and peace of mind, as large swaths of this population valued enthusiasm, excitement, and joy over the other age demographics. This intuitively makes sense, given the lengthy amount of time left to make investments and the lack of urgency facing millenials who are decades away from retirement.

According to Hiram Veciana, Vice President of the Web Channel at E*TRADE Financial, in a recent statement on the survey results: “While gaming and social networking experiences may instill feelings of excitement and enthusiasm, investing money requires careful deliberation. It is no surprise that main street investors are looking for confidence as they make investing decisions online.”

Mr. Veciana has recommended several possible ways to help engender confidence for investors after digesting the result of the survey. He felt that focusing on the job at hand is crucial to confidence, while demystifying investment choices also will reap dividends for those who feel certain instruments are too complex for them.

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