Social Trading Network eToro Introduces New Popular Investor Dashboard

eToro revamps its reward program to boost the experience of trade leaders and allow them to broadcast their success.

Social trading brokerage and platform provider eToro announced a major update to its copy trading offering after the company’s ‘Popular Investor Programme’ has once again been revamped with a new ‘Popular Investor Dashboard’, to open up a whole new range of possibilities, as per an official statement.

eToro has introduced many financial and technical incentives to traders who are being followed under the ‘Popular Investor Programme’, which the company launched in December 2014.

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The social trading specialist has decided to increase the incentives once more, but this time with the ‘Popular Investor Dashboard’, which provides a unique suite of tools that enables popular investors (PI) to have an unprecedented view of their copiers and total assets under management.


The new enchantment will allow PIs to have access to a customer relationship management system that enables greater interactions between the PI and the copy trader. It also provides access to informative analytics to gain actionable insights, and view a finances dashboard showing the latest invoices and payments received from eToro.

With a huge network of 5 million users, successful copied traders now are in an even stronger position to attract new followers as the new dashboard will show their copiers how they can make the most money in turbulent times.

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A company representative told Finance Magnates that the time has come to recognise and treat PIs as entrepreneurs, especially with many of them now managing in excess of $300k.

Focus on Leaders

While having a focus on being able to source successful traders through giving them the ability to broadcast their success to the existing wide community, the new addition resonates with the company’s methodology of treating trade leaders as assets by displaying their own performance and social feed pages.

According to eToro statics, its world’s first ‘trader marketplace’ experienced a large growth in assets under management by PIs, growing by 20% since the end of last year, and 50% since the beginning of 2015. In this quarter alone, the company aims to grow assets under management by a further 30%.

The new dashboard offers more innovative features that enables the popular investor to customize his watchlist, using a wide set of tools divided into six separate parts, as follows:

  • An overview section showing the number of copiers and assets under management alongside respective change over the previous 30 days.
  • A chart tracking copiers and assets under management over time.
  • A customer relationship management (CRM) section to show more information about the current copiers and those who have stopped.
  • A page views section to see who has viewed a PI’s profile.
  • A section giving an overview of payments from eToro within the Popular Investors Programme.
  • Additional statistics including average copy amount and duration, copier profitability and net cash flow over a 30-day period.

Commenting exclusively to Finance Magnates reporters on the launch, Yoni Assia, CEO and founder of eToro, said:

Yoni Assia, CEO and founder of eToro
Yoni Assia, CEO and founder of eToro

“The launch of the Popular Investor Dashboard means that we’re in an even better position to attract the best portfolio managers out there. Our top investors are rewarded through our Popular Investors programme, and we are always in conversation with them to make sure we’ve get feedback from them on how to improve the network.”

“We believed it was time to bring our offering in line with their expertise to really make sure they feel as well-equipped as traditional fund managers. Armed with new analytics, we’re eager to see how large their portfolios can grow,” he added.

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