Autochartist and SeerTrading Partner to Increase Retail Image of SeerHub

SeerTrading has recently announced a collaboration with Autochartist where they will be licensing the right to automate trading strategies provided

seerhub logoEarlier this month Forex Magnates previewed the release of SeerHub. The product was the creation of SeerTrading and provides a copy trading offering for brokers to market to their customers. The main innovation with SeerHub is that it is a hybrid of typical copy trading technology and Expert Advisors (EAs).

The result is that rather than user accounts being controlled by a manager or trade leader, the broker customer uses SeerHub to acquire a strategy that they implement. In this regard it is similar to MetaTrader users who purchase EAs and run them on their platforms. The difference is that with SeerHub, when choosing and implementing a strategy, users are actually opening a new server instance that powers trading of the strategy on a separate private server. As such, customers aren’t required to operate their platforms 24 hours a day like they would with MetaTrader or rent space on a VPS. According to SeerTrading, as users are the operators of the strategy, the model is believed to comply to regulations governing the use of copy trading.

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Creating strategies for SeerHub, the firm related to Forex Magnates that they hired internal quantitative analysts to develop trading algorithms. In addition to their internal development, SeerHub has also recently announced a collaboration with Autochartist to create strategies for the system.

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According to deal, SeerTrading has licensed the right to automate trading strategies provided by Autochartist. The collaboration can be considered a natural partnership, as Autochartist CEO, Ilan Azbel, is also an investor in SeerTrading, having acquired a stake in 2013.

For SeerTrading, the collaboration with Autochartist was also created in order to bring more exposure of SeerHub to the retail market. While offered through several retail facing brokers, as an algorithmic development trading platform, SeerTrading has found a much more natural market of user among professional traders and money managers than with retail users.

Alignment with Autochartist provides with significant amounts of market exposure and acceptance in the retail Forex market, in particular with retail traders that trust the Autochartist brand.

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