Exclusive: Tradency Launches Tailored Algo Trading Service Smart Investor

The new product can increase volumes while retaining clients for the long haul with customized algorithmic trading

As the Finance Magnates Tokyo Summit is on its way, the creators of the Mirror Trader platform and the concept of mirror trading, Israeli company Tradency is launching a new product. The company has delved deeper into algorithmic trading with the instruction of its new service Smart Investor.

Smart Investor is the first of a different breed of products which some companies in the industry have been attempting to design for some time. Tradency is at the forefront of the industry, having reached a fully working version of such a tailored algo-trading solution. In essence, this product is designed to take away from the responsibilities of the retail trader, while keeping him vested in the market.

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Serving as a trading volumes optimizer and a powerful retention tool, Smart Investor could be the key to unlocking a new market for inexperienced but engaged retail traders without them having to do the trading.

Reinventing Algo-Trading

Algorithmic trading has taken on a new level with Smart Investor, as the end client of the service is able to set certain parameters with the Tradency algorithm taking care of the rest, including what algo-strategies should be used and which algo packages are suitable for the particular trader.

The end user doesn’t need any sophisticated knowledge in order to use the algorithmic trading platform. Tradency’s master algorithm determines what the best options are to meet the criteria which the investor himself presets.Those criteria include risk levels, desired returns, the number of strategies used, monthly returns and the time horizon of the investment.

Algos are constantly adapting to market conditions

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Trade settings and particular algorithms are run automatically without the involvement of the customer. Best of all, these algos constantly adapt to market conditions and keep the trading packages optimized and up-to-date.

The product is designed to optimize the performance of retail investors who do not have that much time to commit to full time trading. A database of algorithmic trading strategies instead takes care of the trader’s portfolio after a set of predefined conditions is determined.

Brokers will be able to capitalize on higher volumes while retaining clients

Tradency has ventured into uncharted waters with the launch of this new product. Brokers will be able to capitalize on higher volumes as the Smart Investor is very likely to increase trading activity on the account due to the lack of necessity for the end user to engage in more trading. Tradency’s algorithm will determine the best strategies in accordance to the preset parameters which the trader controls.

Looking at the implementation of the product from the broker’s side, the graphic user interface (GUI) and the fast and simple activation process of Smart Investor should keep the doors open for new traders.

At the same time, the service is fully customizable on the side of the broker, bringing in options for unique brand positioning.

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