d:code:it Takes Visual Pricing Analysis to the Extreme with MarketStak

Using OpenFin’s runtime environment, and presenting a HTML5 based technology potential, digital design agency d:code:it has created a downloadable version

Last October, Forex Magnates covered OpenFin, a provider of runtime development environment, allowing financial firms to develop web-based HTML5 applications. In a nutshell, OpenFin runtime allows companies to create downloadable HTML5 applications that work across different platforms and operating systems. Like web-based apps, updates are pushed simultaneously to all users without the need of further installs or downloads.

Using OpenFin’s runtime environment, and presenting the potential of HTML5-based technology, d:code:it has created a new downloadable version of their MarketStak application. A digital agency which provides UI/UX consulting for banks and investments for their trading platforms, d:code:it created MarketStak using a combination of HTML5 and JavaScript programming technology.

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MarketStak User InterfaceSpeaking to Kerem Ozelli, Foudner and Director of d:code:it, he explained to Forex Magnates that MarketStak was created as a “‘lab product to showcase what can be done visually using JavaScript and HTML5.” He added that in the past, innovations in user experience came from pushing the limits of Adobe-based Air and flash-based products, but that those technologies are becoming obsolete due to the migration towards mobile. As a result, there is a growing focus on creating HTML5-based applications, which possess similar advancements in user experience to that of downloadable desktop versions, such as detachable windows and customizable interfaces.

Other Than Looking Really Cool, What Is MarketStak?

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MarketStak is a free web-based and downloadable price analysis product. The product analyzes incremental price moves to determine if an asset is overbought or oversold. Ozelli explained that typical price charts are plotted over time, “but in reality time isn’t a benchmark,” as different times of the day can bring about different market conditions. Rather than using time periods, Ozelli explained that MarketStak uses price as a benchmark instead. The program does this by measuring how often positive and negative moves occur in the market, independent of time.

Plotted by moves between 0.02% to 1.0%, the product scores the amount of consecutive price movements per each percentage period without a retracement. The more consecutive moves without a retracement, the more likely a retracement may occur. Ozelli added that they don’t view MarketStak as a ‘make money quick’ indicator, but one that traders can use in conjunction with their existing analysis to help them with finding overbought and oversold situations.

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As mentioned above, MarketStak is a ‘lab’-based product to showcase some of d:code:it’s UI/UX prowess in the financial markets. As such, for d:code:it, it is a free product being shared with traders with no specific goals of marketing. It might be an independent product in the future, but they remain open to collaborative opportunities with other firms. Beyond the product’s capabilities, possibly more important for the industry is the glimpse of future trends in the presentation of visualized data being presented by MarketStak.

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