Ultimate Fintech Awards 2021: Celebrating Fintech & Finance Brands

The awards will run from February until June 2021 with various stages leading up to the announcement of the winners.

2021 is off to an exciting start with the launch of the Ultimate Fintech Awards 2021. For almost a decade, the Ultimate Fintech team has been connecting trading and fintech professionals through events and marketing services.

Over the years they have hosted 15+ shows and connected 35,000+ attendees on a global scale. Now, the Ultimate Fintech Awards will provide the online trading industry with a benchmark of the highest level. Customers, partners and traders will decide the best brokers of 2021 through a public voting system.

The awards will run from February until June 2021 with various stages leading up to the announcement of the winners. With benefits for both brokers and traders, the main aim is to determine leading market participants.

The winners will be those that are spearheading innovation and incredible client-centric services in various areas of the online trading space.

The published results will provide traders with a high standard of brokers for their region, language, platform, instruments or partnership requirements.

Why You Should Nominate Your Broker

Awards increase credibility, an aspect especially important in the financial services space. Here is why you should nominate your broker to be eligible for the Ultimate Fintech Awards 2021:

  • Improved Employee Morale – When a company receives a prestigious award, everyone on the team feels better. They appreciate being recognised for their hard work.
  • Instil Trust in Traders – Traders look for recognised brands before they invest their money. Winning a business award provides a credible third-party endorsement to show other traders with onsite awards badges, blogs and social media updates.
  • Snag More PR Opportunities – Reinvigorate your marketing with news of your award, team and success.
  • Get More Business – Winning an Ultimate Fintech award can help boost your company’s profile. This increased awareness could mean more traders, IBs and investors. It can also boost your company recruitment drive.

You have to be in it to win it. Nominate your broker for up to 5 award categories here.

Award Categories

There are a range of awards to be won in specific categories of Global Awards, Regional Awards and Country Awards. As the name suggests, global awards will determine the winners on a global scale, while regional and country awards will go into more specific categories. This means that you can nominate your favourite broker for the exact award they deserve.

For example, Most Trusted Broker Philippines 🇵🇭 or Best Customer Support Hong Kong 🇭🇰. This level of localisation is proven for boosting acquisition and retention in key FX markets.

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The Ultimate Fintech Awards really drill down into specific and outstanding talent – from rising stars to established giants. They also recognise key areas of expertise such as customer service or trading platforms.

How Does It Work?

Nomination Round: Open until 20 April 2021

During the Nominations period, companies can apply by filling out the Nomination Form. Each brand can choose a nominee in up to 5 award categories. You will be asked to submit short explanations covering your eligibility for the preferred categories. Nominees are strongly encouraged to choose categories they are strongest in for the best chance of scooping an award.

Voting Round: 27 April – 25 May 2021

During the Voting Round, the entire industry will be asked to cast their vote in the Ultimate Fintech Awards. This round of public voting will take place on the Ultimate Fintech website. Subscribed and logged in users will be able to cast one vote only, so make your vote count! Each subscription is carefully vetted and approved by Ultimate Fintech to ensure authenticity and validity of each voter and to avoid any foul play.

Shortlist & Winner Announcements: 1 & 10 June 2021

Summer just got more exciting as the first announcement will be on June 1, 2021. This will reveal all the shortlisted brands that have made it to the top of every award category. A final list of winners will be announced on June 10, showing one winner in each category.

The Ultimate Fintech Leaders List

While there can be only one winner in each category, the finance industry is booming with talent. The Ultimate Fintech Leaders List will be the industry index of the most pioneering companies, showcasing both the shortlisted and winning companies in each category, set to serve traders worldwide.

Awards are a great way to showcase your brand, platform, services and customer support. Nominations are now open, and you can head over to the Ultimate Fintech website to participate and find out more.

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