SVSFX Set to Launch Tradable Trading Platform

SVSFX, part of London broker SVS Securities is set to soon launch the new Tradable platform. The trading platform has

SVSFX, part of London broker SVS Securities is set to soon launch the new Tradable platform. The trading platform has been advertised on the firm’s updated website since the beginning of the year as they had been building interest during the pre-launch.

According to Torben Gregers Friis, Head of European Division at SVSFX, “the firm has received over 1000 inquiries from prospective clients during the pre-launch. The product is expected to be available on demo end of next week and live trading will commence mid April”

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Explaining their reason for being an early partner, Friss said, “At SVSFX, we believe that Tradable is the next wave in online trading. It brings value since it’s the first platform that provides a central market for third party apps, unlike other systems where traders need to search the internet for trading systems.” He also added “Another important feature for us is that like what Apple has done with their app store, Tradable reviews and screens products to ensure their ability. Therefore, customers are protected from purchasing products from unknown sources that may not deliver on their expectations or crash a traders platform.

During their prelaunch, SVSFX has been able to provide a limited number of demos. Commenting on the feedback, Daron Pike, Head of Trading at SVSFX stated “Feedback on tradable has certainly been encouraging. Users find the platform very engaging, they have the energy and curiosity to spend time browsing the apps and their functions. Interestingly when discussing and reviewing apps they have ideas for improvements and new features. It demonstrates that with such a collection of minds almost anything can become possible in terms of ideas and development. That’s why tradable is different and we expect it to capture a significant market share”

Tradabe App Store
Tradabe App Store


• London-based broker joins tradable

The company behind a platform that is revolutionising the world of trading has added to its expanding client base.

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tradable, the award-winning open trading platform, had announced new client SVSFX, which becomes one of the first brokers to offer their users the platform.

SVSFX, a London-based company founded in 2003, recognised that tradable was able to provide their clients access to a growing number of new tools and functions in the form of apps to augment the trading experience.

SVSFX will offer the tradable platform to its global retail and institutional client base for forex trading. By joining with tradable it allows the broker to gain access to a highly sophisticated risk management engine powered by a powerful infrastructure.

Daron Pike, Head of FX Trading at SVSFX said: “We believe the future of forex trading has now arrived in tradable. Over the years I have personally been close to the evolution of forex trading platforms during my time in the business.

Most of these platforms are difficult to distinguish from each other but tradable is something entirely new. Its premise is for a forex trading platform without limitation and that is a very exciting development.”

Jannick Malling, CEO and co-founder of tradable, said: “Having SVSFX offer the tradable platform to their clients will set them apart from their competitors. It is a chance to present something unique and truly cutting-edge to the market.

The model and vision behind tradable is that it is time to crowd source apps and trading technology instead of building it all in-house. The front-end space moves too quickly for the traditional methods. By integrating everything onto the same platform with 3rdparty developers it allows brokers to accommodate the rapidly changing needs of the retail FX market.”

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