OANDA adds more CFDs to its award-winning forex trading platform

OANDA, a global provider of innovative foreign exchange trading services, is adding 12 more Contract for Difference (CFD) instruments to

OANDA, a global provider of innovative foreign exchange trading services, is adding 12 more Contract for Difference (CFD) instruments to its award-winning forex trading platform, OANDA fxTrade. 

The company will offer CFD trading with the new instruments to European clients first, before expanding its CFD product offering to clients in other regions. Among the new CFDs being introduced are instruments that will enable OANDA’s European retail forex clients to invest directly in U.S. debt.

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According to Courtney Gibson, Vice President of Trading at OANDA, offering CFDs on the company’s forex trading platform provides clients with more opportunities to invest in financial markets.

“CFDs are a versatile asset for investors. By trading CFDs on OANDA’s platform, investors can take positions in a variety of commodities, futures and bond markets at lower transaction costs than paying to trade physical shares, and with the benefit of real-time transparent pricing for which OANDA is renowned,” Gibson said. “We want clients to love trading with us so we’re committed to offering them access to the key markets they want to be in, on a platform that offers forex risk management tactics such as stop losses and trailing stops and the ability to balance their portfolios from a single trading account.”

A CFD is a derivative instrument whose price is based on an underlying asset. Neither the trader nor the authorized, regulated dealer owns the financial asset; they only own the speculation contract. CFDs may include equities, commodities, indices, or currencies, and investors can trade them without the need to tie up a large amount of capital to do so.

New CFDs on OANDA’s trading platform:

· 2Y T-Note – two-year U.S. Treasury Note futures

· 5Y T-Note – five-year U.S. Treasury Note futures

· 10Y T-Note – ten-year U.S. Treasury Note futures

· T-Bonds – U.S. Treasury Bonds

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· NL25 – contains 25 of Holland’s most actively traded stocks

· France40 – holds 40 of France’s highest market cap stocks

· Europe50 – Europe’s leading blue chip index for the Eurozone

· Sugar – the world benchmark contract for raw sugar trading

· Soybeans – the most widely grown and utilized legume in the world

· Nat Gas – the third-largest physical commodity futures contract in the world by volume that is widely used as a benchmark price for natural gas

· West TX Oil – the world’s most actively traded energy product

· Copper – an industrial metal that is mainly used in building and it is often considered an accurate indicator of economic growth

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