“Meet The Experts” Launches New Roundtable Debate Platform: Turkish FX Market in Focus

The innovative FX Q&A forum has embarked upon a new initiative that features simultaneous discussion from a panel of industry-leading

expForex Magnates’ “Meet The Experts” forum has embarked on a new initiative that features the simultaneous discussion from a panel of industry-leading experts – the inaugural topic details the current climate of the FX Market in Turkey.

In honor of the upcoming FX Conference in Turkey, the Forex Magnates’ team has conducted a survey among its group of experts, who collectively weighed the current growth prospects and overall challenges facing the Turkish FX Market. “Meet The Experts” is the first interactive forex platform that effectively bridges the gap between readers and industry experts.

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Turkey-Conference_logo_squareAccording to Jeff Patterson, Site Manager of the “Meet The Experts” forum and a member of Forex Magnates’ team of editors, “The launch of the new Roundtable Debate platform was designed with the purpose of projecting a unique perspective on some of the industry’s most interesting or developing issues. By drawing on our diverse panel of experts, we can effectively portray multiple opinions in a consolidated and simultaneous format for our readers.” As such, the question posed, along with our panel of contributing experts is as follows:

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“Given the proximity and importance of this week’s FX Conference in Turkey, we felt a focus on Turkish FX markets would serve as the ideal topic for our new ambition. Moving forward, we look forward to consulting our experts’ wealth of knowledge in hopes of discussing the most pertinent issues facing the FX industry,” Patterson added.

The answer to the Roundtable question can be accessed by clicking on the following link. Forex Magnates will welcome any ideas and pitches for Roundtable Debates on its new platform. These can be sent to: jeffp@forexmagnates.com.

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