London Summit 2018 FX Industry Awards: Step by Step Guide

Learn more about our new awards and voting process for London Summit 18

The London Summit 2018 Awards are here! Like every year, we celebrate the excelling industry participants in the key segments, by allowing the industry to cast a vote and rank the best and the brightest. We have introduced some small changes to the process, and this article will walk you through the new procedure.

The Awards recognize the best providers in liquidity, execution, trading platform, marketing and performance, and other aspects of the trading industry eco-system. Here is both a full list of categories.

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The Categories (In Brief)

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How Can I Apply to Be Nominated?

Quite easily. Once you complete your registration, visit the Awards section. First, you’ll need to type in your email and password.

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Once you do that, click on the ‘Nomination Form’ button and check all the categories where you believe your firm should compete in. Our team will review the application, and if it finds it suitable will approve. Applications can be submitted until October 9, and bear no costs. The only thing you need to take care off is to register in time to complete the process. 

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How Can I Win? 

Oh, tough one. The safest way to win is to excel in your field, to offer value to your clients and partners, and be extremely likable, so voting for you will be irresistible.

More specifically, winners of past years have encouraged attendees to vote on emails, social media, and content. To help with the process, we’ve transferred the voting to the awards page itself, so sending your peers there is very simple. Our team will be happy to assist, give us a shout at

How Can I Vote? 

Voting is extremely simple. Once the voting starts on October 15, you can visit the awards section, log in and follow the voting instruction on the page. Then, once the first round is completed, you log in again and vote for one of the three finalists in every category. We will send reminders for each stage. And here again, the only action required is to register on time.

Of note, if the person who handles the applications is not attending the event, they should contact and we will enable them to submit their application.

Full Categories Breakdown

Here you can review all categories with a brief explanation. If you any question, reach out to our events team.

1. Best CFDs Broker

CFDs are instrumental for retail trading offerings. The diversity of instruments, as well as trading volumes generated across different assets and prowess of successful marketing, will take center stage in assessing candidates’ qualifications.

2. Best Connectivity Provider

This category will focus on technology providers in the retail FX space. This includes firms that offer access to liquidity, risk management, routing aggregation, and bridge solutions for platforms.

3. Best ECN/Execution Venue

Attendees will award not only the best brokers and their providers, but also the network that connects them to the market and facilitates the best infrastructure for FX trading.

4. Best FX Broker

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Who will earn the title of 2018’s Best Forex Broker, the retail space’s most sought-after and prestigious award? London Summit attendees and industry participants who know every aspect of the business will cast their vote and decide if we are about to see a new contender on stage.

5. Best FX Trading Platform

Historically, MT4 has been synonymous with the term trading platform, and accordingly, MetaQuotes has won several of our awards multiple years running. However, with the growing emphasis on MT5 and the proliferation of webtrader versions, could this be the year we see an end to this trend?

6. Best Payment Service Provider

Payments remain one of the most central issues for the FX and broader financial services industry. As such, this award will be given to the best PSP solution in terms of costs, access to top-tier banks, and acceptance of a broad range of means of payment.

7. Best Regtech Reporting Solution

Changes to regulatory frameworks has made regtech a growing buzzword over the past two years. The award will be given to companies offering the most comprehensive regulatory solutions, primarily in documenting and reporting transactions in order to meet growing regulatory requirements.

8. Best Automated Performance Tool

This award features candidates that have introduced an outstanding automated tool for brokers to improve their performance at any stage of their customers’ lifecycle. Particular emphasis will be given to marketing and client acquisition, trader retention, and better internal operations.

9. Best B2B Liquidity Provider (Prime of Prime)

A growing market niche since 2015’s EUR/CHF event, PoP has established itself as a key industry segment. From boutique shops to brokers expanding to B2B, it is up to London Summit attendees to determine who is the premium prime of prime provider.

10. Best Institutional Liquidity Provider (Bank/Non-Bank LP)

Today’s market structure presents providers at the top of the chain a unique set of challenges, and London Summit attendees will determine which financial institution, bank or otherwise, has given the best liquidity service.

11. Best Multi-Asset Trading Platform

The retail FX industry’s expansion into multi-asset offerings is well underway. This year’s award credits the platforms best equipped for enabling multi-asset trading in terms of instrument diversity and technological integration.

12. Best Cryptocurrency Solution Provider

The crypto craze has changed large aspects of OTC trading, and this award celebrates the best provider of access to cryptocurrency liquidity, risk management, trading platform, physical assets, and other aspects of this evolving vertical.

13. Best White Label Solution

This award recognizes providers that offer a comprehensive trading suite, taking into account both features for traders and ease of use for brokers.

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