Surge in Demand for Bitcoin CFDs, According to Leverate Analysis

While Bitcoin obtains a greater share of overall volume, standard FX currency pairs are seeing an increase in volume as

Bitcoin has been at the forefront of financial headlines for the past year, leading to a strong increase in demand for the cryptocurrency. As a result, many CFD brokers have integrated Bitcoin-based assets into their trading platforms, in a concerted effort to both meet the growing demand of clients, and to capitalize on the opportunity to benefit from rising volume levels.

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Leverate, a financial software technology provider, has released its analysis of trading volumes conducted through the company’s systems, illustrating that global traders have increased exposure to the volatile crypto industry. Leverate’s team of analysts have assessed trading patterns from the past year. The staggering numbers show a tremendous shift toward Bitcoin, likely due to the potentially massive gains that cannot be regularly achieved from standard assets in such short time frames.

In January of 2017, trading volume on BTC/USD was responsible for just 0.47% of the overall volume traded on the Leverate platform. As Bitcoin continued to receive attention from investors, the number began to rise, reaching 6.36% in July. The incredible jump to new heights was measured in December, when volume on BTC/USD claimed a staggering 42.5% of the total trading volume at Leverate.

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Leverate provided Finance Magnates with an exclusive comment on the matter: “Trading crypto needn’t be cryptic. It appears that the ability to profit from the volatility of the Bitcoin market is highly attractive to traders who want to increase their revenue from gains as well as losses. The benefit of Bitcoin CFD’s is that like Bitcoin it’s just another type of digital monetary concept, but distinctly different in that it enables investors to make money from price swings in the market.”

The ascent of Bitcoin toward the top of Leverate’s trading volume allocation has not impacted the demand for standard FX currency pairs, but rather exemplifies the exponential growth in demand for BTC. According to Leverate’s analysis, major currency pairs, including EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY, actually saw an overall uptick of 30% in volume levels over the course of 2017.

Despite this rise in demand, they were completely overshadowed by Bitcoin’s unprecedented climb to the top. In January, EUR/USD held a 54.77% stake in Leverate’s total volume, dipping to 32.32% by year’s end. During the same time period, the volume share of GBP/USD dropped from 24.24% to 17.14%.

According to Leverate’s analysts: “Other dominant crypto coins, such as Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin, also enjoyed a month on month rise in increasing volume. With such a fantastic precedent now set, we are thrilled to enter 2018, as we expect Crypto volume to keep increasing accordingly.”

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