Kabu Reports Mixed Trading in October, OTC FX Drops

Despite a drop in FX, the futures trading value in October soared.

After reporting a slump in trading volumes in September, Kabu, an online securities broker, has published mixed results for October this Tuesday, with futures trading soaring during the month.

In October, Kabu noted an uptick in the number of securities accounts. In particular, the number of accounts grew by 2,107 accounts to reach 1,133,181 accounts. The number of newly opened accounts was 2,709, which was 28 more accounts than the previous month.

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As Finance Magnates reported, during September, the broker reported a drop in trading on a monthly measurement across nearly all its segments. In October, however, the securities firm did manage to post some growth.

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Specifically, futures trading soared during October, with the monthly futures trading value coming in at ¥3.04 trillion ($27.9 billion). When measuring this against September’s value, which was ¥2.33 trillion, last month’s figure on Kabu has risen by 30.1 percent.

OTC FX volumes fall again on Kabu

For the second month in a row, the over-the-counter (OTC) monthly foreign exchange (forex) trading value fell on Kabu when weighing it against the previous month, coming in at just under ¥1.96 trillion. As a percentage, this represents a decline of 1.8 percent.

Moving on, the monthly trading value of stocks was also down during October. With a trading value of ¥1.66 trillion, stocks fell by 2.6 percent, against the ¥1.70 trillion trading value achieved in the previous month.

Taking a look at Kabu’s B2B2C results, the number of financial product brokerage accounts grew by 403 to reach 83,051 accounts by the end of October. During the month, the ASP OTC FX monthly trading value for the month was ¥328.7 billion. When weighing this against the previous month, it has risen by 3.3 percent.

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