Kabu Preliminary Results Show a Mixed Start to 2019

Multiple sectors of the online broker experienced a month-on-month decline.

Kabu, an online securities broker, has disclosed its preliminary monthly operating figures for the first month of 2019. The firm, which is a subsidiary of the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, started the year on uneven footing, with the broker reporting mixed results.

During January, there were 19 trading days – the same as in December of 2018. Because of this, any changes on a month-on-month basis are not due to extra or less trading days during the month.

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For January, the number of securities accounts for Kabu grew. Specifically, they increased by 2,759 which is a very slight increase of 0.25 percent. This is in line with the average increase of the past few months. It is also higher than the number of accounts opened in December of 2018.

Moving on, the average stocks monthly trading price was ¥17.03 trillion ($155.15 billion) in the first month of 2019. When measured against the previous month, this is down by ¥2.1 trillion or around 10.8 percent.

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Following this trend, the futures monthly trading price dropped significantly during the month of January, falling from ¥34.7 billion in December of 2018 down to ¥23.2 billion in January. This represents a drop of 33.2 percent.

Storefront FX trading price sees an uptick in January

Taking a look at the storefront forex trading price for the first month of 2019, the broker managed to achieve a month-on-month increase, coming in at ¥31.5 billion which is 28.4 percent higher than that achieved in December.

The monthly trading price for financial instruments brokerage stock was ¥555 billion. This is a significant drop of ¥174 billion month-on-month or 23.9 percent, and the lowest figure the broker has reported in at least the past six months.

January’s monthly API futures trading price also fell by ¥235 billion or 29.3 percent, hitting ¥568 billion.

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