iFX EXPO Asia 2018 Agenda: What to Expect

With the iFX EXPO only one week away, its time to plan your agenda amidst a packed timetable of panels.

The iFX EXPO ASIA Conference in Hong Kong will kick off next week, on January 23-25. Hosted by Finance Magnates and Conversion Pros, the event is a unique opportunity to focus on the FX, CFDs, and cryptocurrency spaces, while bridging executives and individuals from the East and West.

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The event will be held at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, and will focus on the burning topics that the trading industry is currently facing, from the specific vantage point of Asia. Seen as one of the biggest growth hubs in the industry, the iFX EXPO will also touch on localization in new markets across Asia, as well as technology and trading solutions tailored for the region.

Panel rundown: time to organize your agenda!

The iFX EXPO will include a total of six diverse panels and a keynote speech, each including a group of leading executives and thought leaders from a particular corner of the industry. If you have not had a chance to sign up for the event, make sure to do so now as space is limited.

CEO panel

The event’s marquee panel will emphasize the current trading landscape in Asia. The panel’s distinguished speakers will delve into technology integration, acquisition, and localization in Asian markets, while also discussing the rise of cryptos. This cant-miss panel will also see the industry’s leaders lay out a roadmap for 2018 as well as its biggest challenges and opportunities.

Decrypting the cryptocurrency fever

2017 saw the rise of cryptos on the world stage, though looking ahead, which of them are here to stay? Cryptocurrencies have quickly taken hold in the retail space, creating a need for efficient liquidity as well. In terms of long-term stability, the market is nowhere near where it needs to be – the panel will outline the best solutions for cryptos moving forward.

ICOs in Asia: the beginning or the end? 

Nowhere have ICOs been more polarizing than in Asia, with several jurisdictions banning their use. The panel’s experts will confront the new reality of ICOs in Asia, which have been heavily scrutinized by Beijing and others. Does a token economy really make sense for the trading industry, and what are the keys to successful whitepapers? Find out these answers and more in one of the must-see panel discussions of the EXPO.

Keynote speech: designing prediction markets for the blockchain

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The industry has no shortage of innovative solutions or initiatives, however few have as much potential as prediction markets. This development could rank as Ethereum’s ‘killer app’, yielding a huge impact on several elements of the financial services industry, including sports betting and crypto pricing, among others. The keynote speech will touch on the difficulties and details of designing a prediction markets on the blockchain.

Asian FX industry spotlight: 2018 

One of the EXPO’s key panels in Chinese will explore various insights and lessons learned in the Asian FX industry, while also looking towards the future. The panel’s veteran composition will discuss various topics ranging from bullion, technology, and the latest events in the Chinese market. Will China’s FX fortunes continue to rise in 2018 and will the region finally see its full potential?

Chinese IBs and global brokers: how to make partnerships work

Relationships in the Chinese market are key with local IBs providing a crucial role for all parties. The panel discussion will look into growing and continuing lasting partnerships in the region, bringing together brokers, IBs, and local industry experts. Find out what local experts feel are instrumental for lasting success.

How to get started in Asia

Almost everyone sees Asia as a strong growth hub moving forward but what are the logistics behind setting up brick-and-mortar offices in the region? APAC presents its own unique blend of challenges and rewards, with local experts outlining the most important aspects of getting operations started in the region. Looking to set up shop or relocate? Make sure not to miss this session.

The Asian liquidity challenge

Liquidity always seems to be in high demand, with Asia being no exception. Despite having some of the most central trading hubs globally in Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Singapore, providing and obtaining FX liquidity in the region creates its own unique challenges. How does this region differ from London or New York? What are the most important factors that brokers, LPs, and technology firms need to consider for regional growth?

Operating under an Australian license

The final session of the iFX EXPO will weigh in on ASIC’s newest regulations and their impact on the Australian FX market. How will ASIC-regulated brokers work with local representatives across the APAC region? Find out this and more during the in-depth discussion.

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