FxPro Sees Reduced Negative Slippage in Q2, Improves Re-Quotes Rates

FxPro's slippage and re-quote statistics painted an improved picture in Q2 2016.

Multi-asset retail brokerage FxPro brand has published its monthly execution statistics for the Q2 2016, which encompassed a wide range of at-quote execution data, including the percentage of re-quotes from among the trades it executed over the previous quarter.

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During Q2, FxPro disclosed its overall slippage percentages and related price improvements that were characterized as favorable, unfavorable or neutral to traders – given fluctuations in the prices in underlying markets, this figure can change during a trade submission thereby causing the execution rate to vary from its requested rate.

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In particular, positive slippage came in at 49.45% during Q2 2016, up from 46.93% in Q1 2016, which constitutes a rise of 5.4% QoQ. These results indicated that traders received better than expected prices almost half of the time.

Negative Slippage on the Decline QoQ

By extension, negative slippage yielded a figure of 20.40% during Q2 2016, down from 21.26% in Q1 2016 or -4.0% QoQ, suggesting that only a small portion of traders received worse prices. Lastly, FXPro reported that 30.15% of trades executed during Q2 2016 were the same as originally quoted, compared with 31.81% in Q1 2016, or -5.2% QoQ.

Looking at the latest tranche of data, FxPro also reported that its re-quote percentage was 4.17% during Q2 2016. Moreover, the brokerage disclosed a positive percentage of 1.9% and a negative percentage at 2.27% during Q2 2016.

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