FX Leaders and Brokers Converge on Cyprus for Industry Gathering

Don’t miss out on one of the biggest industry events of the summer.

Cyprus is poised to play host to one of the FX industry’s most exclusive gatherings of the year, with brokers, service providers, and other industry elites converging on Limassol. Hundreds of thought leaders are attending the latest industry gathering tomorrow, Friday July 21st, 16:30 local time, at the luxurious seaside Malindi Beach Bar.

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The event is being produced by Conversion Pros, widely known for its work with the iFX Expo series each year. Panda Trading Systems will be sponsoring the event. The event, open to all of the industry’s best and brightest, will feature an after work happy hour, and other entertainment.

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“These events will have special importance, especially now as the industry is in a state of movement and shift, giving everyone a chance to meet and exchange thoughts and ideas on business as well as maintain close relationships here in Cyprus,” explained Gal Ron, CEO of CONVERSION PROS.

Billed as one of the biggest networking opportunities of the summer, the gathering is strategically located between the Cyprus and Hong Kong iFX events. Prospective attendees are welcome to access the following link to secure a pass for the event. The gathering will be a one-day only event, representing the biggest congregation of industry executives and leaders of the summer.

Maor Lahav, Panda COO, commented on the event: “We’re very pleased to be sponsoring this event and are looking forward to a solid turnout. For us it’s a very welcome addition to the yearly calendar, especially now with so many things changing in the industry and so many new opportunities in the air. There’s surely going to be a great deal of discussion around the crypto space and it’s certain to inspire many new partnerships and products as these events always do.”

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