Fullerton Markets Introduces Two-Factor Authentication

The firm aims to further strengthen security and enhance its clients’ trading experience.

New Zealand-based brokerage firm Fullerton Markets announced today it has recently introduced Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on its trading platform to further strengthen security and enhance its clients’ trading experience. Clients accessing their trading accounts via Fullerton Suite can now set up and enable 2FA before logging in.

The firm explained that to first enable the feature, clients are required to install a 2FA authenticator app on their mobile devices. They can choose any of the three popular authenticator apps – LastPass, Microsoft and Google Authenticator – to be set up on their Android or iOS devices.

Once the feature is enabled, clients are required to enter a six-digit code generated on the authenticator app each time they log into Fullerton Suite.

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Reducing security threats

The firm noted that this is a Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) that will expire and regenerate after 30 seconds. With such a feature in place, the risk of unauthorised logins and potential security threats is reduced. According to data by Google, 2FA blocks up to 100 percent of automated bot hacks, Fullerton Markets added.

“Security is key in any sort of online activity or transaction, and this includes online trading. We want to continue providing our clients with the assurance that they can trade, withdraw funds and make deposits safely, at any time that they choose to. This extra layer of security offered by 2FA will bring added comfort to users of our trading platform,” CEO at Fullerton Markets, Mario Singh, said.

The 2FA feature is just one of many safeguards that Fullerton Markets has introduced over the years to ensure a more secure trading experience for its international clients. The broker said it also offers unparalleled fund safety through its triple-level protection plan, Fullerton Shield.

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