Educating, Entertaining, and Enticing: Videos in The FX Market

In the world of 140 characters or less, online businesses don’t have much time to make an impression on prospective

Video_icon2You never get a second chance to give a first impression. In the world of 140 characters or less, online businesses don’t have much time to make an impression on prospective clients. If your ad doesn’t get to the point quickly, or have a hook to draw viewers for more, it gets ignored. Bottom line, everybody is fighting for viewer attention these days, therefore providing entertainment and product education together is key.

Providing a solution, more and more marketers are utilizing videos in their sales strategies. Videos provide an engaging medium to quickly catch user attention. Beyond just being used for advertising, videos are similarly effective for product education. Overall, while written words may allow companies to provider a deeper explanation of their offering, videos are more effective at instantly displaying functionality of products.

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As predominately online businesses, forex firms are seeing value in using videos for marketing campaigns as well as customer education. With video, firms can create customizable training courses, generate leads through interactive ads, and easily highlight core product features in a short period of time. In addition, companies are also realizing that videos are a great tool for collecting data about their customers. Knowing who is watching what videos, can provide a useful filter when evaluating who are the best leads for salespeople to follow up with.

In the Q2 Forex Magnates Industry Report, we took a look at some of the products brokers are using to increase awareness of their brands, educate clients, and most importantly acquire new customers. This article is an excerpt from that article.

A snapshot of some of the ideas discussed:


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Without the help of local offices and face to face meetings, one of the best methods to educate clients and leads about an online business’s offerings is through webinars. Webinars are real-time online presentations that can be given to as little as one person up till the thousands. Webinars provide an opportunity for firms to explain and educate others of their products as well as provide a platform for answering viewer questions in real-time. For brokers, there are three main uses of webinars; product training, market education, and trading analysis presentations.

3rd Party Content

Erez Shifron, CME, MTE-Media
Erez Shifron, CME, MTE-Media

Video content is great, but producing it isn’t always easy or affordable. Filling the gap are third party video content firms that offer forex and binary options brokers branded products that can be shown to clients. Third party content includes videos that educate on the basics of currencies and trading, fundamental and technical analysis, platform ‘how to’s’, and trading games. Content firms also offer videos in various languages to provide brokers with customized solutions for each of their different regions. For brokers, the main appeal of third party firms is the availability of numerous short videos that can be used across various stages of client engagement. For example, animated, easy to understand videos can be placed on company homepages or landing pages to quickly explain a broker’s offering to prospective clients. In addition, within trading education pages, brokers can utilize training videos for strategies and analysis to appear alongside their proprietary tools or as standalone content. In the full report, Erez Shifron, CMO of MTE-Media, and Ran Cohen, CEO of Traders Education share their views on how their products are allowing brokers to achieve greater conversion rates and higher volumes.

Cool Video Tools to Use

We also take a look at some important video tools in the market. Just creating great content and offering it to clients to educate them and trigger sales is effective, but there is more to videos than meets the eye (literally!). Products reviewed include GoToWebinar, ViewBix, and Wistia.

Overall, videos are becoming an increasingly more important part of marketing in this day and age. Whether using data analytics tools, third party content to educate clients, or presenting webinars, integrating videos provides a an opportunity for brokers to engage clients and better understand their interests.

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