Asia Trading Summit 18’ Agenda – What You Need to Know

Find out what one of Asia's largest trading events has in store for attendees.

The global financial services industry has continued to evolve in recent years, with China now solidifying its place in the FX and technology space. As such, 2018 may very well be defined with the country taking the next leap – this potential will be on full display at the 2018 Asia Trading Summit in Shanghai on March 21-23.

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Hosted by Finance Magnates, Conversion Pros, and premium Chinese FX news source, FX168, the summit looms as one of the marquee events of the calendar year. The summit will be held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center, aiming to build off last year’s strong debut, which saw over 5,000 attendees.


Few events in the trading industry have the potential to bridge the East and the West – the 2018 Asia Trading Summit looks to accomplish precisely this, bringing in executives, thought leaders, brokers, and technology providers from around the world.

Time to set your agenda

The two-day summit is full of panel discussions, seminars, and other discussions for all attendees. If you have not already had a chance to explore what opportunities the event has, feel free to access the following link to register today!

Chinese capital markets

As a leader in capital markets, China looks to continue growing its focus and market clout on the world stage in 2018. The panel discussion will explore the development of Chinese capital markets, with specific focus following the 19th National Congress of the CPC. What looms as potential challenges for Chinese capital markets? Will the sector continue to grow and solidify itself further in the region?

Trading technologies in focus

The FX and trading industry has always been defined by the technology harnessed – what new prospects lie on the horizon in this respect with fintech firms and other venues constantly pushing the boundaries? The discussion will focus on new and existing trading technologies from around the leading sectors. This includes big data, smart systems, and other advanced trading modules. Stay ahead of the competition with this must-see session.

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Blockchain technology – opportunities and challenges

Blockchain technology is not the newest development on the block but it has quickly become one of the most important, permeating virtually every sector over the past year. With the growing emphasis on cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology has helped open up a range of new opportunities for brokers and trading venues, which will be on full display during the panel. Is blockchain technology the key to a transparent future for the industry or simply a mirage?

AI is here: jobs on the chopping block?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has already made its mark on the trading industry, and yet it still has barely scratched the surface in its potential. While this means big things for brokers and trading venues, the prospect of free labor and advanced capabilities could herald the loss of thousands of jobs worldwide. Will robots or AI systems be replacing the traditional core elements of the trading industry? Find out what the future holds during the panel discussion.

Precious metals, FX in focus after new US laws

The Western world is in a period of flux with new regulations overtaking existing industries. In the US however, venues are grappling with the new tax laws passed by the Trump administration last December. The panel will delve into trading precious metals and FX markets in this new playing field. Will these new rules rekindle the FX industry or will the industry continue to see a consolidation?

Stock watch 2018: an opportunity analysis

Stock markets have risen extensively in recent years across multiple markets. This includes China and the US as well. The discussion will touch on where markets in Hong Kong, China, and the US are headed in 2018, including exclusive predictions for trajectories and opportunities. Whether you are an investor or a stock markets aficionado, this is one event you do not want to miss.

Managing your trading emotions

Even the strongest metal can break under pressure – human traders in the retail space have always had to balance their emotions with performance and the movements of markets. Is there a secret to this process? The discussion focuses on how to trade properly while also not succumbing to one’s emotions. Experts from around the industry will be lending their insight onto the matter – see what the pros have to say!

Stressing the importance of trading education

By virtually any metric, the more educated a trader is the more happy and successful they will be in the long-term. For this reason, trading education stands as one of the most important developments not just in China but globally. The final panel of the summit looks at how retail traders can stand to benefit from proper education and what venues can do to promote more awareness into the instruments they are offering.

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