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Finance Magnates hosts a thriving community of guest bloggers, and we would like to invite you to join us and be a part of the trading industry’s first source for news and research.

If any of the following topics are your passion and you want to share your opinion or expertise in these fields, you are already fulfilling a precondition:

Retail or institutional forex, indices, commodities, equities, CFDs, stocks, digital currencies, bitcoin, fintech, derivatives, technical or fundamental analysis, breaking news on trading and economy

If you’d like to join our growing team, fill out this questionnaire and browse here to check out what guest articles have been published so far.

Why do we publish guest blog posts?

Our readership is very sophisticated and so is our content. Our readers choose us for a reason and it can’t be ignored that there is a wealth of knowledge, insightful opinions and information out there. We want to provide a stage for opinion leaders, to give them the attention that they deserve.

So if you want to pen an article for us, here are a few guidelines that need to be complied with:

1. Once you submit content to us, it’s exclusive to Finance Magnates. We will be open for discussion that the content may be published somewhere else, but standard publishing rules must be adhered to, meaning that the intro must note that it was originally published on Finance Magnates with a direct link referral to the original article.

Just as our guest blogger will not publish/translate the submitted content anywhere without our consent, neither will we publish the content anywhere without our guest blogger’s consent.

2. Please make sure that the guest blog post is not shorter than 400 words.

3. Add valuable content. As mentioned earlier on, our readership is sophisticated and well informed. Be honest with yourself, and ask yourself whether your article adds value to our readership. Always have our readership in mind when writing the blog posts.

4. Submit content that is so good that even your competitors will want to read and value it. Being a guest blogger comes with a responsibility, and having the privilege to be published on our platform does not give bloggers a free pass for slander or bashing competitors – this will not be tolerated nor published.

5. Articles that are PR pieces will not be accepted for publication, the article must remain neutral.

6. Once your blog post is published, make it viral via your social media links. We will help you put the word out! If you don’t have a significant following or number of likes on Twitter, Facebook, and/or LinkedIn – simply add a snippet to your homepage and mention that you are a guest blogger with Finance Magnates. Mention it in your newsletter.


7. In case you add charts to your articles, please add the source of the chart.

How do you receive a guest blogger’s profile on Finance Magnates? 

For your first three articles you will be introduced with your photo, name and profession, like in this example:


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Once you have published 3 guest articles in a row, you’ll receive a profile that’ll appear on the right side next to the article where you’ll be able to add an active reference to your website:





If you want a permanent profile, write ten more articles that get published on our website. Please note, we do not maintain profiles for bloggers who do not regularly write articles. 


Journalism ethics apply to everyone 

You don’t have to be a journalist to be a guest blogger on Finance Magnates but it’s an added value if you like writing. With blogging, the same principles and ethics apply that come with being a journalist: 

Accuracy and standards for factual reporting

Check your facts, and indicate your sources clearly. Finance Magnates does not integrate external links, so make sure to mention the origin of your facts within your texts.

Slander and libel considerations

Just don’t!


Use proper English. All texts are scanned by an editor and proofreader but not every text makes it to an editor and proofreader – capisce?!

Think of Churchill’s secretary

Last but not least, if we see potential in your text but come back with suggestions for improvements, relate to it like Churchill’s secretary who took his employer’s editing suggestions as a free lesson in improved writing skills. Think of us as a team – at the end of the day we want to help you provide good content to the trading world!

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