Every FX Broker’s Guide to Content Marketing for Stocks

Good products and services sell themselves - this is also true of your trading platform.

This article was written by Charlotte Day, Creative Director at Contentworks.

Financial brokers are offering a lot more than forex and indices these days so if your goal is to reach as many traders as possible, then individual stocks may be where it’s at. In this article, we take a look out how to promote stocks – here’s every broker’s guide to content marketing for stocks.

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The appeal of stocks is self-evident. Billions of shares are traded daily, as market participants look to converge on the world’s top companies. By purchasing a stock, traders literally own a share of their favorite company… yes it really is that awesome! For traders looking to build well-balanced, risk-adjusted portfolios, an ownership stake in a company is often too good to pass up.

In our experience, brokers are quickly taking notice, and are beginning to offer trading in individual stocks. This hasn’t been a sudden transformation, but a slow evolution over many years. Online brokers have been slowly venturing beyond the main forex pairs to offer exotic currency crosses, commodities, indices and even contracts for difference (CFDs). It was only a matter of time before individual stocks made the list.

How to Rock Content Marketing for Stocks

Forex brokers have a lot to gain by marketing their stock-trading platform. Whether you have a whole universe of stocks or just a few big names, getting the message across is critical.

The good news is, shining the spotlight on major stocks isn’t very difficult for a content marketer. In fact, if you can rock it for forex trading then this will be a breeze if you have the right content marketing team in place. Below are four tips you can use to rock content marketing for your stock-trading platform.


Consider Top-Notch Stocks

It’s often said that good products and services sell themselves. This is also true of your trading platform. Brokers have spent lots of time, energy and money investing in top-notch platforms with all the bells and whistles to compete with some of the biggest Wall Street firms.

If you’re going the route of stock trading, you should strongly consider offering popular stocks that will draw traders in. This includes Apple (AAPL), Netflix (NFLX), Microsoft (MSFT), Bank of America (BAC), Tesla (TSLA), NVIDIA (NVDA), Alibaba (BABA) and others. Another great place to look is the Dow Jones Industrial Average, a list of 30 blue-chip companies traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

European brokers might also want to consider stocks being traded on the export-driven DAX Index, Germany’s benchmark gauge. By using top notch stocks, you will have the added advantage of being able to jump on the latest trending news and hashtags, plus run some pretty awesome promotions!

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Engage Your Audience

In today’s age, content writing must be clear, effective and to the point. It needs to engage the viewer with catchy titles and enriching content. Bland SEO simply doesn’t cut it anymore.

When it comes to stock trading, you’re dealing with a savvy audience who understands what ownership in a company entails. They’ve likely researched stocks and have a portfolio strategy in mind. To capture their attention, you need to engage them with relevant facts, rich analysis and unique images.


You should have a dedicated outreach strategy for every social media account, as well as relevant blog posts and featured news articles. If your brokerage operates a news portal, it should be integrated into all your social media platforms for maximum engagement.

A successful outreach campaign can be a simple Facebook question that asks viewers about whether a stock will perform strongly in its quarterly earnings report. If you offer popular brands through your stock-trading platform, you can also time your marketing campaigns around major releases.

For example, think about promoting Microsoft stock when a new XBOX console comes out or Netflix when the new season of Stranger Things starts streaming. This means following the latest news and aligning your content marketing campaigns accordingly.

Leverage Hashtags

Whether marketing through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or some other channel, hashtags are your friend. Of course, we’re assuming social media is a central part of your content marketing strategy (if it isn’t, you should strongly consider making it a top priority).

The financial world is filled with great hashtags tied to news events, economic reports and earnings reports. Stocks also have individual ticker symbols that can also serve as hashtags on your favourite social media channel. Just don’t use #netflixandchill – trust us, it has absolutely nothing to do with trading!

Lastly, don’t forget to tag all your articles to StockTwits. This will ensure your posts are integrated into the StockTwits, site, which gives traders real-time information about the stock. StockTwits can be integrated directly into WordPress, making it easier to get your content noticed. Simply add a dollar sign next to your ticker symbol and you’re ready to go (for example: $AAPL, $MSFT, $NFLX).

Keep Your Content Compliant

We don’t have to tell you that compliance is a big deal when it comes to content marketing. In fact, it can make or break your entire campaign. Non-compliant content will get flagged right away, and can lead to stiff penalties.

European brokers no doubt realize that MiFID II is just around the corner. The latest iteration of the landmark European regulation is expected to go after non-compliance more aggressively than before.

Compliance must be followed to a tee. This means disclosing all facts and never making any guarantees of success. Instead of testimonials, run a Facebook page where users can rate your service. You are certainly free to tout your platform’s benefits, just don’t lead traders on with the promise of riches.

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