Understanding Customers Better With Media Sentiment Index

Media Sentiment Index aims to reveal which market segments received the most media attention

Commodities dominated Q3 of 2019 as a financial media main subject. Exactly 45.1 percent of all media content was dedicated to commodities. Such keen interest was sparked mostly by the volatility in the oil market in September.

The brokerage industry competes every day in order to create and deliver to retail traders the best possible offer. Some of the main questions each broker must face are what exactly do clients want? Which markets would customers like to trade? And which trading instruments should be promoted the most?

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The Finance Magnates New Media Sentiment Index is a unique tool on the market that was recently introduced to our Quarterly Intelligence Report (QIR). Based on our own data and in-depth research of FX/CFD media content (excluding social media), we created an index that shows in which trading category the most content was created and consumed.

media sentiment index chart Q3 2019

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What Media Sentiment Index reveals

We chose to present three trading segments – Forex, cryptocurrencies, and commodities. Currently, due to technical reasons, the Stocks/Indices segment is not part of our research.

This index aims to reveal which market segments received the most media attention in the recent period of time. As a result, it should also indicate where the focus of traders and potential customers lies, thus allowing the brokerage industry to better tailor its own marketing and service portfolio.

To learn more and get the bigger-picture perspective on the Media Sentiment Index subscribe to Quarterly Intelligence Report for this and many more helpful tools.

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