MT4 Gets One Click Trading, But That’s Not All…

Over the weekend, Metaquotes released build 482 for the client side. The headliner of the update was ‘one-click’ trading arriving

Over the weekend, Metaquotes released build 482 for the client side. The headliner of the update was ‘one-click’ trading arriving to Metatrader 4. With the arrival of one click trading looked to MT4 in February, it was only a matter of time before it landed on MT4.  This update follows previous rollouts where changes first appeared on MT5 before being added in MT4. Although the platform has been operational for many years, one click trading has been missing from MT4 until now. To utilize one click trading with MT4, traders have needed to install EA’s that provide the feature. Additionally, brokers have recently been installing server side plugins that provide one click trading for their customers.


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The new build appears to be part of Metaquotes continued encroachment on third party providers that have built products around the MT4 platform. The earliest example was Metaquotes suing and causing mobile trading platform provider Xogee to shut down and their subsequent release of a trading app. Since then, they have entered the social trading world by providing signal copying on the MT4/5 platforms. They have also added social messaging components on their iPhone apps. As written about last week, they recently began to compete with bridge providers by implementing MT4 to MT4 connectivity for STP trading.

In addition to one click trading, Metaquotes has also provided users the ability to save and post charts to their MQL5 network. Also, they added systems in place to reduce ‘trade context is busy’ error messages.  The chart/trade posting is similar to features available from trading networks like myfxbook and charting platform TradingView. Overall, Metaquotes is working to improve its platform’s functionality, launch additional products, and build up its internal social/forum network. Interestingly though, we still haven’t seen them create a webtrader product yet, but we assume that it is in the works.

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From a financial perspective, what Metaquotes is doing from the client side makes sense. They are locking in their technology to cause traders to use more of their products. Simultaneously, they are also providing more accessibility for developers to market products within the MQL4/5 Market. As written about last month, the approach has boosted sales within the MQL5 Market which acts as an ‘app store’ for developers as nearly 400 different products have been purchased on the platform. Ultimately, Metaquotes is counting on the third party developers to bolster its platforms and community, but also wants to take its piece of the pie as well.  The jury is still out whether MT5 will take off, as Metaquotes continues to add resources for MT4.  However, by increasing the Metatrader client network, it provides Metaquotes a greater audience for promoting MT5 and any other future products.

Server Side Update

While the client side update will make the headlines, the build update also included a server side update. According to Metaquotes, the new release is an extension of the previous MT4 to MT4 connection build. The weekend update provides additional features for brokers choosing to implement STP between their MT4 servers and those at another firm. One of the initial worries about the MT4 to MT4 connection was that the initial release showed limited features and was lacking when compared to overall products available from leading bridge providers.

In addition to the enhancement of the MT4 to MT4 STP connection, this build has apparently led to collateral damage taking place among existing third party products. According to broker sources, signal provider network ZuluTrade, as well as other firms experienced connection problems due to the new build. On its user forum, while not mentioning the MT4 build, representatives of ZuluTrade have addressed the issue and stated that they “have a small issue with connectivity”.

The connection problems have since been fixed.  The question now is whether ZuluTrade’s connection issues are the result of a software conflict that was accidently initiated or will their be more incompatibilities taking place as Metaquotes updates it products with more features. the beginning of   We reached out to Metaquotes about the changes and as of publishing time, the company has yet to respond.

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