Hey Big Spender! Swiss Traders Invested the Most as Global Deposits Decline

Average deposit value being sent to accounts by traders was the biggest in Switzerland

Summer vacation period is getting closer, and as the latest analysis by Finance Magnates’ Intelligence Department of data from CPattern shows, we continue to see a slowdown of financial trading activity in the retail FX/CFD industry.

After a small rebound in April, leading financial benchmarks are heading south again, leaving February’s peak of deposit values far behind. In May, the global average sum deposited to trading accounts stood at $2,548.2, while in February it reached $3,763.

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Nevertheless, we are still visibly above levels registered last year. In May of 2017, the average sum deposited was a mere $1,312. Does that mean there is still room for the further decline of financial metrics or are we simply having a much better year? Only time will tell.

Looking at the data of from the country perspective, it should be noted that Switzerland registered an impressive growth in deposit size. With an average deposit sum of $4,036.5, Switzerland took the first position in our rankings, making a big leap from behind 10th place.

Out of the remaining nine countries in the May rankings, Brazil warrants further attention. The third place with an average deposit of $2,910 indicates exciting activity in the country where an FX/CFD retail trading industry barely exists.

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We have also seen interesting developments in the United Kingdom where the average withdrawal size grew from $2,968 in April to $4,984.2 in May. Whether this was due to traders pocketing earlier gains or some form of backing away from trading remains part of the debate. But we can clearly see that withdrawals in the UK were larger than deposits. That was not the case in Switzerland, where the average withdrawal was lower than the average deposit, standing at $3,243.5.

Trading activity in May had no surprises in store. The most active traders could, once again, be found in China, where the typical trader was conducting 112.9 transactions per month on average. Not far behind was Turkey with 107.5 transactions per month, followed by Malaysia with 100.1 transactions per month.


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