New Bill may finally make nationwide US online gaming a reality

As of now, only 3 US states have lifted the ban on online gambling. With Nevada already allowing online poker

As of now, only 3 US states have lifted the ban on online gambling. With Nevada already allowing online poker tables, and Delaware online casinos going live on October 31st, with New Jersey to follow on November 26th, theses 3 states are paving the groundwork for legalization in other states and the possibility of nationwide gaming. The idea of nationwide interstate online gaming within the US may soon be a reality according to New Jersey state legislature John Amodeo, who spoke at The World Regulatory Briefing USA focusing on iGaming conference in Philadelphia this past Tuesday, October 22nd

Amodeo referred to a bill that was proposed earlier this year that presents the notion of allowing the hardware and software being used for the upcoming online gaming sites to be located outside of the casinos as long as they are still located within Atlantic City. Currently all 3 states that have legalized online gambling have instilled restrictions that do not allow anyone out of state to be able to play. In New Jersey, all casinos who register for an online gaming license must to be located within Atlantic City, and their infrastructure needs to be located within their physical casino.

The bill will allow the state the possibility to open a hub that can support multi-state gaming, and the state of New Jersey could be able to sell the rights to run programs and software from such a hub to other states. If passed, the new bill could open the possibility of New Jersey creating agreements and compacts with other states. Such agreements and compacts could result in more consumers playing and larger playing pools that could run on a regulated nationwide system for online wagering.  

“Ultimately, we could see Las Vegas handle everything west of the Mississippi, and Atlantic City could handle everything east of the Mississippi.”Amodeo added at the conference.

At the World Regulatory Briefing USA focusing on iGaming, the dominant subject was the possibility of interstate compacts and agreements. In result of the main subject, many questions from participants arose about the possibility of cooperation with other states, and about the varying legislation that surrounds online gambling from state to state. James McHugh a commissioner for the Massachusetts Gaming Commission added that suitability and varying legislations must be considered before attempting any compacts or agreements with other states.

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The bill is set to be voted on after the November 26th launch in New Jersey. We will have to wait and see if New Jersey will be willing to comply with the idea of collaborating with other states and allowing gamblers from other states to gain access to Atlantic City’s online casinos.

The fact that such ideas are being discussed so in depth, shows strong interest in the legalization of online gaming throughout the United States. Only time will tell if such interests can become a reality, and we see more US states jumping on the idea of legalizing online gaming and joining multi-state compacts.


Photo courtesy of: Alan Cleaver

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