iOption – Karine Stevens – Spokesperson

iOption is one of the original binary option platforms that has grown and developed with the markets.

Karine Stevens – iOption Spokesperson

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Describe your company with three words:

Teamwork, Transparency and Reliability

Describe your company with greater detail:

iOption is one of the original binary option platforms that has grown and developed with the markets. We have differentiated ourselves with our outstanding customer service and education. We believe that an educated, experienced and knowledgeable trader is our best assets. Although iOption like most brokers offer multiple language platforms, with a large variety of assets and a full range of trading styles and methods, this does not set us apart but makes us one of the pack. We offer mobile trading and global access to our site by any internet connection in the world. What sets us apart is our philosophy of teamwork and partnership with our clients to make them the best traders they can be.

Why should people trade binary options as opposed to Forex?

A lot of traders come to our welcome classes or speak with our Account Mangers and many ask the same question, why they should trade binary options as opposed to forex. There are several answers depending on the level of the trader, the amount of risk they can handle and their knowledge of the global markets. Binary options are not better then forex, they are different then forex, they are simple easy trades. They are less complex and have a lot less risk and require a lot less capital. Binary option can also be thought of as a training ground, a place to learn how the currency markets function, how the react and how to best trade them and when a trader has built a good knowledge base, a good foundation, and understand the markets they can then jump into the deep end of the pool and trade forex and for a knowledgeable  trader, they can test strategies, and develop trading methods with a lot less risk using binary options and then apply those methods and strategies to their forex trades.


Is Binary options trading closer to Forex or to gaming?

Whether you are trading commodities, stocks or forex, if you enter the markets with no education, no training and little knowledge, you are guessing and when you guess you gamble. When you trade any markets, if you apply education, experience and knowledge to calculate and determine a trade and develop rules for a trade and a strategy, you are no longer guessing or gambling you are trading or investing.


What differentiates you from your competitors?

We could list of lot of marketing points that are not important to traders, what sets us aside is our education, our withdrawal and bonus policies and the ease of use of our platform and unique long term expiries which allow traders to take trade that close at the end of the week, the end of each month or the end of the year, this allows traders to use more strategies and systems for better and more successful trade. We also offer cross market assets, which allows are clients to trade gold against the euro or Facebook against Apple. These are unique assets, ever think about trading gold against silver or oil against gold. But our biggest difference is our iOption Academy with offering classes, courses, special live events and webinars and seminars in multiple languages. iOption was just award the best education in Europe from Global Finance Magazine.


What advice would you give new traders?

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Never risk money you cannot afford to lose, never risk more the 10% of your capital at one time and never but never trade without education. If you start slow and build a good solid foundation you will become a good and profitable trader


Why should current graduates or people looking for a job in Forex consider working for your company?

iOption offers a variety of positions, we are always recruiting Account Managers, educators and sales people, working at iOption is like part of a family and we will work with our new staff members to learn and become the best they can be. At iOption we are all about education and experience not just for our traders but for our staff.


As this is a well known cut throat industry, what means do you use to survive and to excel in such a competitive environment (except from collaboration with Forex Magnates Directory of course ;)?

We excel and survive by offering advanced technology, outstanding customer service and by far the best education programs available. We believe in honesty and transparency, hard work and reliability and we believe that the partnerships we develop with our clients, our affiliates and our employees are what will build the teamwork we need for success. Just because we are in a cutthroat industry does not mean we have to be cut throat.


Where do you see your company in a year or two’s time?

iOption continues to grow and we continue to offer a wider variety of trading styles and methods along with additional assets but we have to grow and we are hoping that in the next year or two to become a complete forex broker offering both binary and forex options.


What do you think the Binary Options industry as a whole can/should improve?

Now that the binary option industry have grown and matured, we see if as becoming a fully accepted trading and investment vehicle requiring all brokers and platforms to be registered in the global markets.


Do you think you as a company and the industry is transparent enough?

Transparency depends on the company, and the registration and the legalities of each entity. iOption is completely transparent and operate under the rules and regulations, and we see many of the smaller less open and financially secure operations ceasing. Everything takes time and growth and maturity and acceptance. Now that binary option has reached this level of maturity the industry will grow just as forex did in its adolescence.

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