FXBTG – CEO – Jack Lee

FXBTG is a registered trademark of BTG group which is a well known consulting company in the financial sector.

1. Please state your Company, name and position:

Jack Lee, CEO of Asia Pacific, FXBTG

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2. Can you describe your company within three words?

That’s hard, FXBTG is many things. But if I have to, I guess I will choose: Professional, High-tech and Global.

3. Please go into details about the Company, its market segment and recent developments:

FXBTG is a registered trademark of BTG group which is a well known consulting company in the financial sector. FXBTG is active in many countries and regions. We offer online financial services in global financial markets, including: Trading strategy, trading software, risk management system etc. We aim to use the power of technology to provide customers with global trading of financial assets through all available channels and transparent real-time pricing.

Recently, FXBTG started to shift the focus on market development to Pacific-Asia market. FXBTG believes with the development of China and the whole Asia, foreign exchange market will get bigger and bigger.

4. Please describe the characteristics of the China’s foreign exchange market, and your views on the Chinese market:

Compared with the international foreign exchange market, China’s foreign exchange market is very fresh and young. I have no doubt that the market has great amount of potential and temptation. That’s one of the biggest reasons why I devoted over a decade in developing this attractive young market.

5. What makes FXBTG become one of China’s most popular foreign exchange brokers? Can you tell us your secret?

There is no secret. We understand the market, especially the modern Chinese market. The world is changing so quickly. And China is one of the strongest powers to make the changes happen. FXBTG doesn’t only focus on present, but also future. That is why we use modern technology to help our group to develop the business. In order to further the understanding of the

Chinese local users’ preference, FXBTG cooperated with Grand Simplicity Technology co., Ltd to develop a powerful CRM software called Salesmust which creates a new foreign exchange marketing management mode.

6. Can you introduce us to some more of the characteristics of Salesmust?


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First of all, Salesmust is the very first CRM system which is involved in Wechat marketing.Wechat has over 300,000,000 users worldwide. And this number is getting bigger and bigger. To use Wechat marketing, FXBTG’s marketing information is released effectively and accurately in a timely manner that helps the group to maintain good customer relationships.

Secondly, Salesmust is the world’s first system to achieve KPI quantitative appraisal. Managers can see each department’s employees working state and information such as daily plan, call records, sales performance through the system. This greatly improves the working efficiency of the managers.

Last but not the least, we offer our IB this amazing system for free. We hope with the help of Salesmust, out business partners can achieve a greater success.

7. In addition to Salesmust, what else service do you provide to your IB?

Our support for the IB is systematic and all-in-one packaged. Nowadays, some of the IB’s bottleneck problems lies in the fact that recruitment is difficult, customer development is difficult, staff management is difficult. Aiming at these difficulties, we offer not only our marketing strategy and comprehensive support system but also high commission which is higher than the industry average. Nevertheless, FXBTG provides the IB site construction costs in order to reduce the IB’s operating costs.

Sharing FXBTG’s profit with the IB, we make every powerful IB FXBTG’s common development partners.

8. China and south east Asia is a large region – Does your work involve a lot of travelling?

This is an interesting question. I fly all the time. Maybe I am in Hong Kong on Monday and fly to Shenzhen on Tuesday. Then I might fly to Shanghai on Wednesday and leave for KL on Friday. I live all over the world. My life is just like the movie , of course, I wish I was as handsome as George Clooney.

9. Which qualities of your employees do you value the most?

Honesty and innovation.

10. Do you read Forex Magnates Quarterly report?

Yes we do. And I also recommend it to my employees and business partners.

11. Thank you Jack! It was a true pleasure to talk to you!

You are welcome. I am looking forward to showing you more progresses we are going to make in 2014!

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