FinTech Taking Japan By Storm: GoodWay’s Hiroshi Surveys the Playing Field

“The Japanese market is getting broad-based recovery and expectations for company value has seen sustainable growth based on Abenomics."

Japan boasts a huge financial services and information industry with a robust foreign exchange (FX) market that has been flourishing for a number of years. With such a diverse playing field, a number of brokers and information providers have coalesced to comprise one of the industry’s deepest locales.

Fujino Hiroshi, CEO GoodWay Inc.
Fujino Hiroshi, Founder & CEO, GoodWay Inc.

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Tapping into this massive industry is GoodWay, “A media and promotion company that publishes breaking and leading information about Japanese financial services and IT solutions to encourage innovations in the financial industry for Japan economic growth,” noted Fujino Hiroshi, Founder and CEO of GoodWay Inc., in a recent interview with Finance Magnates.

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Shifting Market?

Indeed, every region is experiencing some degree of turnover and different shifts, with Japan being no exception.

“The Japanese stock market is getting broad-based recovery and investors’ expectations for Japanese company value has seen sustainable growth based on Abenomics,” Hiroshi added.

FX trade volume is highest right now and we are expecting to increase multi-asset class investment by combining equity and FX offerings.

Moreover, “FX trade volume is highest right now and we are expecting to increase multi-asset class investment by combining equity and FX offerings.” Such a scenario was virtually unthinkable last year, with a historically low market tranquility enveloping the market. As such, even bellwether FX brokers such as Monex Group was feeling an acute decline in FX volumes.

Fostering FinTech Growth

The FinTech industry has caught fire globally, with such cities such as London securing almost half a billion dollars for investment in the realm in just Q1 2015.

However, in Japan, “If you have a plan in place to resolve issues, it is easy to use financial functions and IT resources to achieve it. There are many collaboration opportunities with big companies that want a breakthrough.”

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In addition, “Many FinTech startup companies were born using financial arrangements by crowd funding and corporate venture capital.” This is hardly surprisingly and seemingly commensurate with the growth of the FinTech elsewhere in the world, including Europe.

FinTech is not relegated strictly to FX or any one asset-class or focus. Rather, “There are many interesting Japanese FinTech firms operating in a number of areas, such as payments, electric moneys, PFM (Personal Financial Management), investment, finance, financial information, accounting, etc.”

I am expecting to meet top FX and FinTech industry professionals from all over the world.

“One interesting Japanese FinTech firm of note is Money Forward. They are providing not only Japanese personal/enterprise accounting cloud service, but also trying to build ecosystem network such like professional IT adviser association,” Hiroshi noted.

At the end of the month Finance Magnates is hosting its Tokyo Summit, which will see the collection of some of the leading industry professionals in FinTech and FX.

As such, “I am expecting to meet top FX and FinTech industry professionals (brokers, technology providers, liquidity providers, marketing experts and regulation) from all over the world, and also the area is expanding new multi asset-class networking opportunities based on advancing Finance Magnates from Forex Magnates.”

Having been at the Tokyo Summit last year, “many executives from financial institute, IT company, association, sponsor, media joined together (332 companies and 976 people) and shared similar themes. There is no place like it for such valuable opportunities in international financial market networking.”

The summit caters to first timers and veteran attendees and brokers, all of whom can find a number of interesting panels and speakers at their disposal.

“I would convey the message that there are influential industry speaker’s panels, exhibitions, workshops, but also lunch & cocktail world-class networking opportunities all day (10:30 – 21:00). Attendees are strongly encouraged to join. Even if you are not able to join all day,” he added.

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