iFOREX’s Or Kapelinsky, Discusses the Firm’s Innovative Platform

“Meet The Experts” spoke to Or Kapelinsky, GM at iFOREX Ltd, for an in-depth look into the company’s product offering.

Furthermore, the iFOREX trading platform constantly monitors all trades making real-time calculations to prevent any negative balance. This means that while you can open a trade on an option using a fixed amount of your margin, you can still withhold open leveraged FX positions and not fear receiving any margin calls. These trading conditions were specifically developed while keeping in mind the iFOREX policy of ‘Full Margin Usage’. The Shared Wallet feature was released throughout 2013 and has allowed us to excel in the services we provide, while staying at the forefront of the industry.

4. What distinguishes iFOREX’s platform from other providers in the industry?

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Over the last 18 years the iFOREX group has distinguished itself in three different ways. The first is through its years of experience. The iFOREX group employs over 700 people worldwide, has several branches in key regions and maintains its professionalism by hiring employees from the banking and financial industries. This allows us to provide an unbeatable level of service in over 23 languages.
The second is by developing its own trading platform. Instead of using a standard off-the-shelf platform, which often limits flexibility, iFOREX has developed its brand based on its own software ‘the FXnet’. Incorporating some of the most advanced technological features, the FXnet trading platform caters to every trader and his/her particular set of needs. Backed by a team of technical specialists who constantly monitor and update the system, iFOREX has managed to develop a flexible environment built for a changing market.

The final and most important characteristic at which iFOREX distinguishes itself is through its comprehensive education. iFOREX understands its client’s needs and has therefore invested immense time and effort in creating a unique interactive trading course, ‘Pips,’ to educate its traders and developers . Packed with info about trading for every level, the course is the perfect solution for Novice traders wanting to learn more about the market. The course is hosted within the FXnet trading platform allowing us to combine an educational powerhouse with an elite trading platform.

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