Bullion Capital’s Tom Coughlin Reveals His Disruptive Approach

Forex Magnates reached out to Bullion Capital to talk about the company's disruptive approach to precious metals trading.

bullionAll sorts of individuals are now using our platform, which includes Forex Brokers, IBs, bullion dealers, jewelers and manufacturers,  who take liquidity from and supply liquidity into the market, as well as elements of the wealth management industry, i.e. stockbrokers, financial advisors, etc.

We provide the ability to their clients to diversify their portfolios into physical allocated precious metals. Ultimately this is what precious metals are, a really good diversification benefit into a portfolio that improves the risk to return ratio. Empirical evidence suggests that once you introduce gold or precious metals into a portfolio, it improves the risk to return as it is a largely uncorrelated asset or inversely correlated to equity markets, etc.

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The latest target market where we are gaining significant traction is in the online broking space. This includes online Forex brokers, CFD brokers, equity brokers, and even binaries. We offer a great solution and complimentary service offering that they can easily roll out to their clients. Invariably, our platform allows these clients to gain additional wealth management and cross-sell it into their own respective solution to sit alongside their existing suite of services. Moreover, it makes perfect sense for Forex brokers to tie into our platform and interface their clients’ wealth held in our platform with their existing services.

3.) Have you detected an uptick in appetite radiating from Asia for your services?

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We have recently opened a Bullion Capital office in Shanghai – China. We are seeing in Asia presently that there is a huge appetite for our services. Of these particular types of clients, the Asian market has a cultural affinity with holding physical gold that goes back to the foundation of their civilizations. The typical Asian family will invest 20-30% of their wealth into gold or precious metals. These clients also see it as a currency that’s a store of value over time.




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