Be a Forex Broker, No Experience Necessary

The share market is popular for the same reasons as forex - everyone can gain and participate in the financial

This article was written by Eric Harbor, CEO of Techforbrokers.

Many people are fascinated with forex and being a broker, but the technology and fixed costs may cause hesitation.

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The solution? Find a publicly traded forex broker with an opportunity for appreciation.  They are easy to find and the share price waxes and wanes between greed and fear.  Right now, most of the brokers are trading at their all-time highs.  Will it last?

Of course it will! (Until it doesn’t)

Currently, there is one opportunity that I believe is being overlooked in the trade journals as it is encountering a lot confusion and scepticism. You can invest now and be considered an investor, not a speculator, as you are buying at value (most likely below) a working forex brokerage with global exposure, top-level management, and steady revenue.

Again, the great thing about the share markets is that you can participate in industries that are growing while focusing on your life and allowing people who love the business grow the shareholder equity.

As a reminder, last year, I wrote an article about Plus500 which seemed to call the market bottom in the stock.

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Today, I present to you with modest fanfare and limited readership, NUKK, the holding company for companies related to Iron FX and FXDD.

Despite the fact that there is no information on the stock, limited public knowledge of what is really going on, and the shares will be traded on the United States pinksheets with limited liquidity, it appears to be significantly undervalued; especially with strong institutional demand for forex brokerage public shares.

Like Plus500, I have no involvement in these companies and only know about them from the web.

My main argument for purchasing is the stated market cap of NUKK and my experience that penny stocks that are formed this way usually have an artificial market value at first until it officially begins operation as a continuing concern.

NUKK is stated to have a $130 million market value (gyrating between 25 cents and 1 dollar a share).  For owners of this company, who are most likely wealthy with at least $50 million in their bank accounts, they would not be doing this for a measly $130 million (sometimes forex is not nice and headaches occur, so it better be worth your time!).  They are looking for significant appreciation in the share value.  I find it unlikely they are going to the effort to dump shares on the ‘unsuspecting’ public with pinksheet status.

So what value do I expect it to have?

We should see a $500 million market cap, or more than 400% gain (why do I say 400%? You figure it out).  FXCM, that is picking itself up, is valued at $56 million market cap (but it has liabilities over $500 million – very rough approximation).  Hopefully, with time permitting, I will share with you my thoughts on FXCM which I have enjoyed buying and selling since I saw its IPO prospectus on my former bosses desk.

Many in forex started in the burgeoning gaming industry, then moved to forex, I guess now the move is into the share market, and these guys don’t do anything unless the gains are large.  But when it comes to the share market, everyone can gain which is why forex is so popular in first place: to participate in the financial markets.

And who knows, maybe they’ll pay a dividend as well.

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