Michael Venezia

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Mr. Venezia found his way to Wall Street in 1993 where he was hired by Prudential Securities in New York City as a financial advisor. While working side by side by one of the firm’s top producers, Michael completed all the mandatory classes and necessary benchmarks that allowed Michael to go out on his own. After spending two years at Prudential, Mr.Venezia was recruited by a proprietary trading firm known as Schonfeld Securities. After realizing that the volumes and interest in the US equity markets were exploding he was hired, starting off trading 100 shares and $10k in “buying power”. Over his 17 years at Schonfeld Securities, a firm that was rotating more daily volume in the NYSE and NASDAQ markets than any other in the world, Michael was consistently a top producer, in the firm that employed over 2000 traders. Over which time it is estimated that Mr.Venezia put

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