YouTube’s Ban Against Crypto – Algorithm Errors or Intentional War?

The recent ban by YouTube on a number of highly-viewed cryptocurrency channels comes under scrutiny

YouTube, the second most widely visited site in the world (behind Google, who owns the video-platform conglomerate) continues to thwart cryptocurrency channels despite what many would consider being an unjustified history of abuse on the behalf of YouTube. 

A little over a month ago, YouTube dominated the cryptocurrency news and came under scrutiny after banning a well-known crypto programmers channel, Ivan on Tech, and deleting one of his videos as a result of a breach of YouTube Policy regarding censorship. 

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As you can see, it did not take Ivan long to take to the Twitter-sphere to express his frustrations regarding his experiences and as you can deduce for yourself this was certainly not the first time that YouTube had conducted such actions against Ivan. 

Additionally, a well-known technical analyst called The Moon, also faced similar experiences as Ivan, where YouTube’s ban was said to be a result of a breach of policy where the publishing of “harmful or dangerous content” and the “sale of regulated goods” were the resulting reasonings behind YouTube’s justification. 

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While it is well understood that YouTube has been continually trying to improve upon their policies for their viewers, the erroneous habits of YouTube performing these errors as a result of their system’s algorithmic crawls have become more and more prominent. 

Other well-known cryptocurrency channels that have also been affected by YouTube’s enforced policy and ban against cryptocurrency channels include Chris Dunn TV, Hedi, Chris Coney (The CryptoVerse), Altcoin Daily, Bitcoin and Coffee, EXPERIENCE CRYPTO 24/7, Chico Crypto, CryptoBeadles, Sunnydecree, Node Investor, Crypto Rich, Boxmining, Pygoz, Alessio Rastani, Mr_Kristof, Crypto Daily, The Modern Investor, Joey Rocket Cryptos, Rice Crypto, That Martini Guy, and Nugget’s News.

Breach of Policy

The list is quite extensive and continues to grow as YouTube continues to roll out its enforced policy despite having admitted making “the wrong call.” 

ChrisDunnTV, one of the most popular crypto-oriented YouTube channels, said that he had hundreds of his videos go missing as a result of YouTube erroneously purging of cryptocurrency-related videos. 

ChrisDunnTV Strike Image

Coming full-circle once again, the deletion of videos was said to be a result of a breach in YouTube policy regarding “sale of regulated goods” and “harmful or dangerous content.” 

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While the reoccurring mistakes by YouTube may be seen as a mistake to some, the content creators behind these cryptocurrency channels are beginning to reveal a different story, a story in which they align themselves with the ideology that YouTube continues to make these mistakes, repeatedly, yet there is no justification or a true breach in the enforced policies. 

Alternative Platforms to YouTube Considered

Whether YouTube is “intentionally” conducting these acts is another story entirely and one that has lead many cryptocurrency channel creators to consider possible alternatives to the video-sharing giant. 

Seeking out decentralized video-sharing solutions, content creators such as ChrisDunnTV and The Moon have been noted to express their concern regarding YouTube’s habitual errors and while they state they may relocate to other video-sharing platforms the underlying fact of the matter still stands that this tendency exhibited by YouTube is not only unfounded but could well be intentional. 

However, there is also a fear that whittles its way into the equation, where the relocation from a well-trusted platform such as YouTube to other video-sharing platforms is a move that could have detrimental effects to the financial longevity and growth of these creators where the loss of subscribers and viewership is all but certain. 

Potential decentralized video sharing platforms that have been expressed as alternatives include Bitchute, DTube, BitTube, and LBRY.

It will be interesting to see how the whole scenario plays out, especially considering how YouTube has publicly announced the errors in their ways but have shown to do nothing nor fail to be held liable because of an error generated through their algorithmic-based system

If one thing is for certain, it is that YouTube likely needs to make some modifications within their solution that way the creator-to-platform partnership can continue to run smoothly but should that fail and more cryptocurrency channels experience the deletion of countless videos or the banning of their channels then there will likely be an uprising that could significantly change the way YouTube and cryptocurrency content creators continue to do business. 

While it is true that YouTube is probably far less concerned regarding the effects that it would have on their platform than that of the content creator the question remains if YouTube is conducting fair play or not and whether these erroneous faults are mere coincidence or the beginning point of something far more sinister to follow.


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