BTC-e Gets into the Bitcoin Managed Accounts Game as they Launch PAMMs

BTC-e has announced the launch of managed trading accounts. Known as PAMMs the technology allows account holders to allocate a

Very little public information is known about cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e. As a result, despite being one of the longer lasting exchanges and having a large base of satisfied customers, the bitcoin community has often questioned whether BTC-e is the next MtGox. Despite the lack of transparency though, they have successfully carved a niche with active bitcoin traders. Via partnerships with FXOpen, they became the first exchange to offer cryptocurrency trading to customers using the MetaTrader 4 platform. Since then, they’ve also launched fiat denominated accounts and yuan trading. These features have contributed to their appeal to traders who have migrated to bitcoins from other assets in the past.

This week, they announced the launch of managed trading accounts. Known as PAMMs (percent allocation management modules), this technology allows account holders to allocate a portion of their funds and copy orders of strategy providers. Once subscribing to follow a strategy, trades are automatically copied into the subscriber’s account when the provider opens or closes a new trade. The PAMM’s allocation is controlled on the side of customer, allowing the subscriber to decide how much and when they want to copy strategy providers. For strategy providers they are incentivized through performance fees that the subscribers agree to pay for profitable trading.

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Popular in the Russian market, and a leading product for Forex broker, Alpari, in that region, PAMMs provide the opportunity for firms to market a hybrid of managed accounts with customer control. On one side, strategy providers control the actual trades that take place. On the other side, account holders have the ability to adjust their exposure to each strategy, as well as have full control as when to subscribe or cancel copying. In offering the managed accounts to their clients, BTC-e is using technology from PAMM provider, Soft-FX.

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