WinMiner to List on DX.Exchange after Winning ICO Pitch

WinMiner's mining platform was declared the winner for its ease of use and fast-growing user base.

Last week at the Finance Magnates London Summit, WinMiner was announced as the winner of the DX Exchange Pitch Competition, beating out 11 other remarkable platforms. As a reward, WinMiner’s native token will be listed on DX Exchange, a fully-regulated cryptocurrency exchange that will publicly launch in November. If purchased outright, the listing would have cost $250,000.

WinMiner’s platform allows anyone with unused computing power to mine cryptocurrency with just a few clicks. Using a unique algorithm, the platform “identifies the most profitable coin to mine by your machine at any given moment.” WinMiner can automatically sense when you need to use your computer, and will stop mining; a 3% fee is charged at withdrawal. Its token sale will begin at the end of this month, and the presale is currently live.

Co-Founder and CEO Ariel Yarnitsky was joined by Co-Founder and CTO Idan Feigenbaum to deliver the pitch.

Ariel Yarnitsky

WinMiner Was Chosen for Ease-of-Use, Established Traction with Users

The judges–Daniel Skowronski, CEO of DX Exchange, and Ran Amiran, Director of BD–chose WinMiner because of its focus on its core blockchain technology infrastructure and its rapidly expanding user base, which has more than 200,000 people so far.

“I personally liked the ‘mining’ aspect,” Skowronski told Finance Magnates. “It represents true blockchain technology which seems to be rare these days when you look at all the ICO projects still coming out.”


Daniel Skowronski,
Daniel Skowronski, CEO, DX.Exchange


Skowronski also cited the user-friendliness of WinMiner’s platform as one of the reasons they were chosen–”I like how anyone can mine the best coin with ease from their computer and it is all done automatically.”

While the listing on DX may provide WinMiner access to more high-volume and institutional token buyers, Skowronski acknowledged that “the exposure they will receive by listing on any exchange–not just DX–is good for them. It will also allow more of their community members to invest with WinMiner.”

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”2 Bad Haircuts in T-shirts and Jeans”

Linda S. Leaney

Linda S. Leaney, CFO at, noted that their presentation was also delivered with skill, despite the fact that they were “2 bad haircuts in T-shirts and jeans”, and that “they were also in the minority of presenters not being English speakers, which can sometimes be a disadvantage.”




Idan Feigenbaum

Leaney added that the WinMiner team was “incredibly modest and just sat quietly waiting for their turn to speak and clapping everyone else.” When they presented, “one spoke while the other videoed him on his iPhone and gave him encouraging thumbs up now and again.”




Their modesty paid off. “Their pitch was succinct and clear,” she told Finance Magnates. “It laid out what the product is; how it works; the business model; how the UX feels; and the key was their 200K users so far. This goes way beyond a ‘community’ built possibly just of Social Media followers – this is active engagement.” Leaney added that the sizable userbase had been amassed “just on a couple of posts (Bitcointalk and Youtube) and then word of mouth.”

She also echoed Skowronski’s comments about ease-of-use. “It’s a simple product to understand and use; they have a good variety of coins you can mine easily without specialist equipment; and a realistic business plan.”

“There’s a lot of ‘mining equipment’ on sale for the real enthusiast; this product allows mining of (currently) 40 coins using your own laptop by anyone, anywhere in the world, who can engage in the crypto altcoin revolution easily and gain a modest daily payout for little effort. WINMiner has made the UX as simple as possible.”

“Truly Heartwarming”

“We thank the judges for choosing WinMiner,” Idan and Ariel said in an email to Finance Magnates. “It is a great honor that represents an appreciation for the hard work we have put into building [the platform] is truly heart warming!”

“We are also very excited to have competed with the other 12 teams. These are people who pursue their dreams working very hard to drive our world to the next level, each team and project in their own unique way,” they added. The team also expressed their beliefs that “[the listing] will no doubt boost the WinMiner ecosystem, with easy access and great benefits for WinMiners, WinMiner token holders as well as newcomers. It will certainly contribute to the exposure of WinMiner to new and wider audiences.”

Idan and Ariel said that in addition to the victory, the platform is preparing to launch “Token Sale mode”, which will “[allow] any WinMiner user to purchase WinMiner tokens by simply using the WinMiner platform, no need for paying in crypto or fiat ( participants will enjoy a 40% bonus on their mining earning rate.)”

Additionally, the platform will soon be “opening access to the WinMiner pools – this will allow, for the first time, users of ASICs as well as users not using the WinMiner software to enjoy the benefits of the platform.”

“We are super excited about these new releases and hope it will help our users overcome the brutal last few days on the crypto markets,” they said.

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