Trezor Calls Claims of Hardware Wallets’ Data Breach a ‘Hoax’

The data was collected from a Shopify breach and Trezor does not use Shopify for its eshops.

Crypto hardware wallet maker Trezor has squashed the recent claims of their users’ leaked data, calling it a hoax.

A hacker recently claimed to have stolen personal data of the users of three major hardware wallets – Ledger, Trezor, and Shapeshift’s KeepKey.

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Under The Breach, a cybersecurity firm, also pointed out on Sunday that the hacker has listed fresh exploited data from these wallet platforms obtained from an alleged Shopify breach and is selling them on the internet.

Publically shared screenshots include names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails of the hardware wallet users, all of which were for sale.

Making false claims of hack

Though Trezor was quick enough to point out that its eshops does not use Shopify, the company published an official post on Monday, calling the data breach a “hoax”.

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“An unknown hacker listed supposedly leaked data of customers from the Trezor e-shop for bidding recently. We have thoroughly analyzed the data sample and we can confirm that it does not match our customer records from the e-shop,” Trezor noted on the official blog post. “We can also assure our Trezor Wallet users, that their data has not been affected.”

The hardware wallet maker also pointed out that the content and structure of the leaked data does not correspond to the data from the Trezor e-shop and “looks fabricated.”

“The Trezor e-shop collects solely the necessary data needed for the delivery of the product,” Trezor added. “After 90 days of placing your order, we remove all the sensitive data from our online systems. This minimizes the impact of potential breaches.”

Following the claims, Ledger also tweeted informing that the company is also checking the validity of the claims.

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