Segwit2x Developer Expelled from Bitcoin Core Repository

Clash between two sides of the Bitcoin network brings in uncertainty, with user interests at stake.

Controversy and uncertainty continue to dog the Bitcoin network as Segwit2x developer Jeff Garzik is expelled from the Bitcoin Core Repository. Trouble had been brewing since May when Segwit2x proposed a different approach to that of the Bitcoin core team.

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The Segwit2x proposal caused a lot of bad blood between its supporters and those of the core team. However despite all the uncertainty, the fork was completed on August 1 with no major issues. This has been welcomed in the Bitcoin market, which has risen by more than 40% since then.

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Over the weekend, Jeff was removed from the Bitcoin code repository at Github as a result of the side that he took. Though core team developer Peter Todd said that it was natural for Jeff to be removed as he had not contributed much to the project since 2014, the timing of the removal, so close to the fork, has raised eyebrows.

The Segwit2x fork is expected to take place in November. The August fork, which led to the split of the Bitcoin network, passed peacefully as the new group chose to call itself Bitcoin Cash. But the fork in November has left two groups both calling themselves the “real” Bitcoin, which is likely to cause a lot of confusion.

With both sides refusing to budge from their positions, it is the Bitcoin users who have been left in the lurch. It remains to be seen how the network is going to handle this issue. There is also the issue of security across these networks, which is likely to be compromised with both sides sticking to their respective positions.

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