Seed Equity Capital Rebrands as CoinZoom Securities

The firm's name change reflects its growing efforts to move into the digital assets space

Investment firm Seed Equity Capital announced on Thursday that it is changing its name to CoinZoom Securities.

The rebranding effort comes as the firm attempts to cement itself into the fabric of an emerging digital assets investment market.

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“The new name – CoinZoom Securities – allows us to emphasize our wide-ranging business objective around changing the way that capital is being raised, with the goal of increasing access, lowering costs and improving regulatory compliance particularly with the issuance of digital securities,” said Todd Crosland, CoinZoom’s chief executive officer.

Launched in 2013, CoinZoom provides a platform for both companies to invest and raise capital.

Firms using the company’s services, most of whom are involved in technology products and solutions, have managed to raise millions of dollars.

Crowdfunding to crypto

But, until now, most of those fund-raising activities have been done through traditional fiat currencies.

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In fact, the company’s website and operations in many ways resembled a crowdfunding operation.

Thursday’s rebranding indicates the direction the company plans on moving in – towards digital assets.

“Raising capital through the issuance of digital securities is a globally growing trend and offers many advantages to traditional offerings,” said Crosland

“Issuing digital securities could be attractive for private companies, ventures funds, real estate, and many other assets.”

Crosland’s firm may also have a leg up on its crypto competitors, many of whom are fairly new to the market.

That’s because CoinZoom is regulated as a broker-dealer by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

As a result, the firm will likely be able to launch immediately into the business area that its brand name reflects. Conversely, many other cryptocurrency firms have been struggling to get recognition from regulators.

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