KoreConX to Help Libra Project with Compliant Middle East DSO

Libra stands to benefit from the growing KoreConX’s partners ecosystem which comprises a network of broker-dealers.

Libra Project, a London-based private tokenized green utility, has selected KoreConX to provide the protocol upon which its yet-to-launch digital securities venue will be created and distributed.

The KoreConX integrated platform will reportedly enable Libra to design and pilot their digital securities, manage new shareholders with investor relations features, and avail themselves of an in-built portfolio tool.

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For the Libra shareholders, there are no wallets that will put them at risk, since KoreConX platform provides them a portfolio management feature.

By providing this service, Libra co-founder and CEO says KoreConX’s protocol will accelerate their plans to become the first compliant digital security offering in the Middle East and Africa.

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“Ultimately, this partnership supports Libra Project’s mission of democratizing access to impact investments all the while bringing clean energy to hundreds of millions of people in Asia and Africa,” he added.

KoreConX grows partners ecosystem

Libra Project, which has offices in Abu Dhabi UAE, operates renewable energy plants that meet its impact investment requirements, which the company claims to be tied to “the sustainable development goals of the United Nations.”

According to the press release, the offering will be open to accredited investors across the Middle East.

Libra stands to benefit from the growing KoreConX’s partners ecosystem which comprises a network of broker-dealers, secondary markets platforms, and multiple jurisdictional securities lawyers, as well as offering investors relations, marketing, and media services.

“The Middle East is a very important region for us. We want the regulators and companies in the middle east to know that there is a provider that does things the right way and will meet their regulatory obligations. We are truly glad that more and more companies are starting to realize the transformation that comes with blockchain, and the ways it can simplify doing business,” added Oscar Jofre, Co-Founder & CEO at KoreConX.

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