IBM’s Gabi Zodik Delves into Blockchain Technology

Mr. Zodik focused on the many uses and applications of blockchain technology at London Summit 2019.

London Summit 2019 continues forth into a blend of afternoon sessions, highlighted by an informative keynote speech by Gabi Zodik, Director, Blockchain and IoT Platforms at IBM Research.

Mr. Zodik discussed the evolution of money and its intersection with Blockchain, IoT, and other disruptive technologies that have taken the FX and finance industries by storm.

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Indeed, blockchain, like the new operating system of trust, has become a power of decentralization, creating markets for the future with a new trust model.

Touching on a number of unique comparisons, it’s quite easy to forget how many different channels and industries blockchain technology has helped improve.

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Taken a step further, a unique combination of blockchain and artificial technology (AI) provided the most interesting potential, ranging from benefits in the food industry to trading improvements.

“Almost every function available because of blockchain can help maintain privacy,” Mr. Zodik pointed out. Given the invasiveness of so many newer technologies, his point does resonate in a variety of ways with all matters of individuals.

The Rise of Tokenization

Asset-backed tokens were also a key area of focus that’s caught on in the blockchain industry. These tokens were backed by real assets increasing liquidity and creating new markets.

In particular, Mr. Zodik focused on network of networks, specializing in certain kinds of assets. This included trade logistics, finance, and industry trade, as well as a linkage between these.

Finally, he also emphasized IBM Groundbreaking Systems, including TradeLens, Hyperledger Fabric, and the Fabtoken, IBM Blockchain Verifier.

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