Hackers Access Etana Custody Clients’ Details, Funds are Safe

User details including name, physical address, and phone number were compromised.

The security of Etana Custody, the crypto custody provider to Kraken, was breached last week putting the user data at risk.

First reported by The Block, the custodian was breached on April 18, but no official announcement was made. The report went public after an internal memo was leaked and circulated in the media.

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The security breach was the result of the access to “an unauthorized external party” to the client user interface.

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Funds are safe, but not personal details

Though the company ensured that no funds were stolen, the perpetrators have access to its users’ personal information including “name, email address, physical address, and phone number.”

Etana also clarified that crucial information like “any driver’s license numbers or government-issued identification numbers or passport numbers” were not compromised by the breach.

“Etana Custody client user interface was accessed by an unauthorized external party. There is a possibility that certain information of Etana’s clients was able to be viewed during the breach. No client assets or securities, including fiat or digital currencies were affected and no unauthorized withdrawals or transfers were made. Etana’s internal security systems, including its internal protocols with respect to client transfer requests were triggered and the breach was neutralized,” the memo stated.

Headquartered in Dunedin, New Zealand, Etana Custody provides custodial solutions for digital assets. The platform also offers currency conversion services with an array of fiats, so Kraken clients can wire the deposits in any supported currency and get them converted to any of the five fiats – US dollar, euro, Canadian dollar, British pound, and Japanese yen.

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