Google Bans Official MetaMask App from Play Store

The tech company even rejected an appeal by the blockchain startup.

Google has banned the Android client of Matamask, an Ethereum wallet and decentralized application (DApp) platform, from Play Store.

The blockchain company took Twitter to announce the news on Thursday. The technology giant has cited violations in its financial services policy behind taking the harsh decision.

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In its policy, Google clearly prohibits any application from providing digital currency mining facilities. However, MetaMask was not providing mining based services to its users.

Though the MetaMask team appealed to the unlikely decision, the California-headquartered company was quick enough to reject the appeal.

No support from the parent company

Google’s move came after a contributor to MetaMask revealed that the decentralized project is being sidetracked by its parent company ConsenSys. Going by the Reddit username lazaridiscom3, the project contributor also revealed that the MetaMask team is not receiving the necessary support from the parent, which overwhelmed the team of 24.

“One cannot follow development via the public issue-tracker, simply because the team uses an internal tracker and internal ‘meetings.’ This is not transparent. This is not decentralized,” the Reddit post read.

“MetaMask is a critical value-moving piece of Ethereum. It is written in JavaScript, nearly completely untyped. The code is of low quality, full of technical debt (both, in terms of code and architecture).”

Meanwhile, Google-owned video platform YouTube is taking down digital asset-related content. Many well-established content creators on the platform were also targeted, However, in a recent response, YouTube admitted that it was done in error and has started to restore the videos.

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